If You Don't Have Money To Do Things With Your Boyfriend, How Do You Keep It Interesting And Come Up With Great Things To Talk About Every Single Time You Come Around Each Other?


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Me and my boyfriend have been thier for each other with or with out money, We always do things like rent movies, fly kites, go swiming, work out together ect. Yes thiers sometimes been a few times we have argued about our finaical status. But we sat down, talked about it. Its the best way to handle something rather than arguing or yelling at each other. I guess we just had to get use to living together. Especially me, Hes the first guy I ever lived with. And when all our money goes to bills or ect. We just stay home and do stuff at home like the yard a club house on the tree, bar-b que ect. I also see it as a great time to spend time at our house with each other. 
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If you have to always have money to make your relationship "interesting" I think you may need to find someone else, because there will always be times when you may be short on money. Best wishes!!
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A lot of people say you don't need money to have a good time. This might sound as if it's a lot of rubbish, but if you are in love you really don't need money.

Get out of the house to the park, a museum, cycling, walking. All of these activities and more stimulate conversation.

If you are feeling self conscious about what to say and what to talk about then you must be in a relatively new relationship?

If you are comfortable with yourself you should be comfortable with your boyfriend.

You will probably find that your boyfriend is thinking the exact same thing as you, so don't worry about things to say.

If you don't get out of the house, conversation will become dry and boring to you unless you have a mutual interest in something that's in the house like computing or gaming.

Be comfortable with yourself and the conversation will follow naturally.

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