What does it mean if every time you and your boyfriend are around each other both of your eyes turn green and pupils get bigger even though green isn't your natural eye color?


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You're both aliens...just kidding. Before I answer, tell me this...do either of u have blue, green, or hazel eyes?

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Natalie Jo Price
Pupils can get bigger in a way bc of heart rate. It may mean you two have a very close connection, kinda like soul mates. Do you feel a very close connection? Almost too good to be true? How long have you been together? That's a huge question before i can give my honest opinion.
Shannah Hall
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yeah we're really close. 2months though.
Natalie Jo Price
It could be love, but trust me, in my experience it takes a year to really know someone. I was super close to a guy and we wer supposedly so in love that I actually quit college and moved from wisconsin to D.C. to live with him after only 2months! That was a HUGE mistake. I was stuck with him and he knew it and became very abusive, fracturing my neck in 2 places, concussions, etc. I became one of those victims that was afraid to leave for 8 yrs, but I got strong and finally left.

Just be careful and don't rush things. If he loves you enough, he'll wait as long as you need him to. Good luck and I really hope you found the one.
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Lol to the alien thing above!!

Yeah I dunno girl, it sounds to me like you've been watching too much Twilight or something.

If I meet up with my boyfriend, the only physical changes that take place are in his pants!

But hey, maybe I'm wrong: In those traffic cop shows they always tell whether a driver is under the influence of drugs by their pupils... And love affects your mind like a drug, so it could have a similar effect on your pupils.

Also in Japanese cartoons people's eyes go crazy wide when they see a guy they like, so maybe that's relevant :-)

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