Can People Fall In Love Just By Talking Over The Phone Or Chatting On The Net?


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Falling in love on the phone or the internet brings up a lot of questions about love:
  • How much does physical appearance matter?
  • Is contact necessary for a relationship to evolve into love?
  • What do people even want from a relationship?
  • How much does virtual a persona differ from the actual person?
These are all big questions that don't come with simple answers. In my opinion, it is very possible that a serious relationship can develop over the phone and internet. On the other hand, there are several major relationship requirements that might not be satisfied by this type of rapport.

Can you fall in love over the phone?

Firstly, it is important to distinguish between the capabilities of the telephone and the internet. A relationship over the telephone means all contact is real-time. There's no time to contemplate, or choose words wisely.

Also, a strictly telephone-only relationship would imply no physical contact and very little information about how the other person looks.

In a sense, this might seem like a more genuine type of relationship, where superficial elements like appearance are rendered void. Whether this is something that most people will find appealing or satisfying is a different question.

Falling in love over the internet

With advances in internet technology in the past few decades, the idea that you could fall in love with someone over the internet is more plausible. Video technology means that a relationship can taken on a more 'visual' dimension. Emails, instant messaging and other forms of internet communication mean you can remain in constant contact and conversation with a partner wherever you go.

In many cases, this environment will be enough to nurture a truly passionate and loving relationship.
In addition, the physical distance may lessen inhibition between people - and even encourage feelings to develop!
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You can sometimes find a person who fits all the qualities you want in your partner, even though you haven't met him/her... Love is an affection, it does not require good looks, good money, good cars,or whatsoever...

If people can fool on the phone or internet, why can't they do that on practical dates?

We all know most of the people try so hard to look good, but is that what it's all about?
So many good-looking people are single- why don't they have dates?

So your attitude and your mentality matters to a great extent.. For which you need not sit face to face.

These days, wherever you look you're going to find liars and cheaters isn't it better to know a person on the phone or internet first before meeting, so you could actually see if the other person is good enough?

You can take your time and get into your comfort zone with that person, and if that person adores you too, he would never force you into anything..

Keep the ball in your court and try and be on the safe side, just take long distance relationships as a socializing medium.

It's better to be cheated on the phone rather then ditched after having sex in real life, and the choice is yours!

But I feel love can happen newhere to anyone in any just need to take it easy and avoid rushing..
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You can fall in love with anyone anywhere. It's not necessary that you only love the person who is in front of you. When people talk on phone or chat on internet and they speak the truth, then a sense of understanding is developed between them, they like to talk with each other or they feel comfortable. So they can fall in love.

But as I told you that's only on condition that they don't tell a lie, because the majority of the people on internet do not reveal their true identity. They hide their identities, and just want to make fools of those persons who are unknown to them.

Love is a beautiful relationship. If you fall in love just by talking with an unknown person, you are taking a great risk.

How do you come to know that he was the right person for you?

May be he was cheating you or maybe he was passing time with you?

So be careful while making such relationships. One of my friends experienced that sort of relationship and the result was not good. So as a result she is not willing to trust anyone else.
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Well I believe you can fall in love with anyone at any time. We can see all we want with our own eyes...We see that half the people we date face-to-face have things about them that tell us right away they aren't right for us yet we still fall for them.

Human nature..we can't help who we love and anyone who says they can is full of it...Love is unconditional if it is true which means no matter what they do you love them.

You can get to know someone over the net or phone and become infatuated, after a while infatuation can become love...same way it works in a face-to-face relationship. Although I agree with the first poster...what may seem so real and so true may not be, You may be caught in a game ...cruel but true, there are people out there that intentionally make a person love them only to see how much this person would do for them and they have no intentions whatsoever to really be with this person. Just be careful.
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Yes it is possible to fall in love.

We met in a chat room, then moved to msn, and finally ending up on skype.

We opened up to each other in ways I could never do in face-to-face dating. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship, especially a long distance one.

She did hide behind a few photos that were not herself at first, but as we talked we grew together.

With not having the physical to get in the way, we were able to build a friendship. Everyday we would talk about every thing.

We even had some face to face dates with others and would talk about them. She gave me grief and I gave her grief. At a certain point we agreed we had to meet.

Both being scared, and a 12 hour flight for her to a place she had never been to before was stressful. But I am so glad she did it.

I was 51 at the time and she was 58. Never would we have had a face-to-face date if it was not for online.

Now 7 years later and the original visit a happy memory, we are celebrating our 6th anniversary as a couple. Face-to-face everyday.

The 2nd visit I asked her not to go home, but she went home long enough to sell her home and pack up her things.

I am not saying it will work for all, but your brain falls in love before your body does!
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Yes I think it is possible. Give it a try, after all isn't it the same thing people do in real life? They usually don't walk away, they give it a try!.

Nobody is 100% sure about anything in life, but it's better to try something then regret after.
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Yes I think it is possible. As a matter of fact I knew someone who met over the internet and is now married.

It is also possible to fall in love with someone over the phone too.
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No, the perception you get from the net is always positive feed-back. You have to be in the presence of someone to get a true feeling for a person.

I think it is possible to meet someone on the net, and then meet in person and and fall in love with that person.
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It is possible, but I have a friend that had talked to a man on the internet for a whole year and she thought that he kind of fancied her.

They were all okay, but when she went to meet him she didn't think that he liked her that much.

You can fall in love on the internet, but kind of not because it is not the same as having a date with a guy you love.

Hope this helped!
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I studied in the States for 11 months, met lots of people, had lots of friends. But one in particular stayed in contact with me after I got back.

He was like my best guy friend when I was there, there was chemistry between us but nothing happened because I liked someone else, who ended up being a jerk and I haven't talked to him anymore.

But my friend and I have been talking via Myspace through messages, and then Facebook and we would send each other videos just talking about everyday and whatever crossed our minds.

We chatted and then we started talking and seeing each other online and now we love each other, we Skype almost everyday!

We haven't seen each other face to face in one year and a half, and I plan on going there in a few months and I think it's going to be the best day of my life.
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No, they can't really fall in love like that. You have to actually know the person and see how he or she really is with your own eyes.

Love is too strong a word to say to just anyone over a casual phone conversation or a casual chat. It is important to know who the person is first.

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