I have a girl problem. We talked for about a year over just the phone and met only a few times. We loved each other but now idk if she loves me or hates me. I used to love her but not any more. How do I end this?


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First face the fact that there is no "this" there.  Then just move on. 

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Gabe, why don't you talk to her? You said that you've spoken by phone in the past. Why don't you simply call her up and see what she's thinking and talk about how you're feeling? Then, if things are simply going to remain status quo, break things off then.

This is a wonderful life skill - coming across an issue, going to the concerned party, talking it through, reaching a resolution.  The first time you try and work it through might be awkward, but it will be good practice. Good luck.

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It seems you have a larger problem of not knowing what love is. Talking on the phone and meeting "only a few times", is NOT love, and she probably ran off and hid because you apparently think it is.  Until you can gain a more coherent grasp if what "love" is, this dilemma will likely repeat itself.

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You admit that you don't love her any more... Why do you still want to go out with her then? HM?
Have you thought this through at all?

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In that case, do not ignore your feelings! How should you go about breaking up? First, choose a proper setting for the discussion. What could that be? Well, think how you would like to be treated in such a situation. Would you want the announcement to be made in front of others? Likely not. Unless circumstances make it advisable, it would be best not to terminate a relationship by means of a telephone answering machine, a text message, or an e-mail. Instead, choose a time and place that will enable you to discuss this serious matter.

State clearly why you feel that this relationship won’t work for you. You don’t need to recite a laundry list of faults or let loose with a barrage of criticism. In fact, instead of saying, “You don’t” do this or “You never” do that, it would be better to use phrases that focus on how you feel—“I need a person who . . .” or “I feel that this relationship should end because . . .”

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