How Do You Know If Someone Is Stocking You And How Do You Stop Them From Stocking You?


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For one the word is, "Stalking". I am not sure if I can tell if someone is stalking me. But usually you can tell if your being stalked. If someone is following you around or you notice they are always looking at you or always in the same place at the exact time you are it could just be a random coincidence or they might have for some reason become obsessive over you. You could confront them and tell them to stop.
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I think he is gay / QUEER STALKING he is hoping I will play into this psycho's path of death attacks,it makes you feel , smell, touch weird things, in an evil realm, stalking people with
heart attack Satellite pressure when no one is watching me , this person watches my reactions on my face, in a sick way !  My faith is against evil over good this thing hates that.
It appears to me to be completely evil in mind, nothing godly going down in a persons under-
wear, its a Satellite sphere that needs to be monitored by other satellites watched continually

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