A Man Is Stalking Me. I Like Him And Don't Think He Would Harm Me, But I Think He Has Placed A Tracking Device In My Car. What Should I Do?


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Well, if you like him, then this shouldn't bother you. However he sounds like the kind of guy that would harm you, especially if he has a tracking device on your car!

My advice is: CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!

This is not something to ask questions about: This man is obviously highly dangerous if he thinks it's okay to stalk you.

People like that are usually CRAZY!!! So watch out and be very cautious!
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Stalking is illegal. Placing a tracking device on any of your property is illegal if it's done without your consent or knowledge.

Someone who THINKS he or she has the RIGHT to do this is in need of psychiatric help!

How to deal with a stalker
  • DO NOT encourage this type of person to engage in a relationship with you. That will lead him to think that his behavior is acceptable, when in actual fact it's not!
  • Disengage from any contact with him, take your vehicle to the police, and take steps to protect yourself and your family.
Often, when a person with obsessive behavior is rejected, he or she becomes violent. Whilst you might feel safe around your stalker now, there is a good chance that he might flip out and attack you!

The best thing to do is to cut off all communication with him. If you break contact, and he continues his strange behavior, you may be able to obtain a restraining order.

Again, please do not consider a relationship with this person.

Good luck.
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Gillian Smith answered
There's only one solution to this: You must go to the police at once. If he has placed a tracking device in your car, the police will help you confirm this.

In normal relationships, people who like you will approach you and talk to you - what this guy is doing isn't normal!

Even if there's no tracking device and he's following you - you can't assume that he won't hurt you. How do you know you like him under these strange circumstances?

If you believe you're being stalked by someone who you haven't encouraged, then you need to do something about this.

Stalking isn't the action of someone who likes you in a 'normal' way. Get help.
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Get a new car and call the cops. Hope you are ok.
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I agree with the people that say 'call the police'.

Stalkers are capable of anything, and it's even worse if they know where you live.
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I agree with the others. Have the police check out your car, and get a restraining order.

I do have one question for you though: If this man is stalking you, what makes you "like" him?

You should be very wary of a person who behaves like this.  Don't encourage his behaviour and stay safe.

Make sure somebody knows where you are at all times. Do you have a cell phone to keep in contact with others you trust, or can you call 911 when you need to?
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Whether you like him or not isn't really the question, the fact that you feel like you're being stalked should send up red flags!

If he does this now, what happens if you get involved?

And don't even try to break it off, normal people DO NOT put tracking devices on other's cars or follow them everywhere. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Tell the police, friends, family, any one who will listen. Tell them his name and what he's doing, it could save your life.

I know it sounds paranoid, but it happens all the time - that's why we have the anti-stalking laws because it happened.
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This guy is definitely acting strange for someone who likes you.

If he liked you and didn't intend to hurt you, then instead of stalking you and installing a tracking device in your vehicle, he would have talked to you like a gentleman!

If he really likes you, he should have asked you out or something.

But stalking and installing a tracking device is simply unacceptable. It clearly indicates that the guy is up to something suspicious.

I wouldn't trust anyone who could do something like that. You have to let him know that you won't take this sort of treatment or behavior.

If I were you, I would go straight to the police (as the previous posters have already said).

If there is a tracking device in your vehicle, you need to get rid of it. Whether you think he will harm you or not, it seems to me like he will.

If he's stalking you and acting sneakily, he's definitely up to something. Otherwise he wouldn't act this way.

I hope you can figure it out, and if there's a tracking device in your car, I hope you can get rid of it!

And please don't think he won't hurt you, when everything he's doing shows he won't refrain from hurting you.
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Call the police, this man could be very dangerous.

If you don't tell someone, God knows what this man could do to you. It's better to be safe then sorry - if I were you, I'd get the police involved before it's too late!

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