I think my neighbor is stalking me as he's been googling my name on his computer. I saw it through my telescope last night...what's uu thinks?


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Ninja mission!!! Look at the up side, you don't have to go far. :) Then punish yourself for being a peeping Addi.
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Why are you looking at your neighbor for? Do you have a crush on him? Maybe your neighbor has a crush on you:)
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Maybe he googled your name because he became aware that you were acting suspicious.If someone was watching me thru a telescope I'd think that they were a stalker.
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He was watchin meee first!
tony baloney
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You have got to be 100% sure before taking action. If you have a male friend, maybe he can talk with him in a delicate manner. If not, and this guy makes you feel unsafe, then tell the police. Just remember that you must be sure about this. It could ruin someones life if you were mistaken.If I had more details, I could give you a better answer (e.g. Whats he like? Old/young? What else has he done?,etc...)
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Hehe - if he's watching you through the curtains wouldn't it be a great idea to have a guy undress at your window and give him a sight he'll never forget ! Mission accomplished lol.

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