At what age is dating reasonable? I understand that it depends of the maturity of each partner, but regardless, what's the normal age to start dating? I'd love your input! :)


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In my family 16 is when most everyone is allowed to date. Some later based on level of maturity and responibility, but never earlier.

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I don't know as they were exactly "dates" but my son went on several group dates - a bunch of girls and guys together going to the movies - when he was about 15. Moms or dads would ferry the kids around to the movies and then pick the kids up. Sometimes, the kids would walk to a nearby pizza joint after the movies and we picked them up from there.

He wasn't allowed to actually date a girl, one-on-one, until he was 16 and only if I knew the girl.

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At least 16.

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Tom Jackson answered

I'd go with 16 and 10th grade as a good "you must be this tall to ride this ride" type guideline.

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I don't think height makes a good euphemism for that lol. I mean how would Tyrion Lannister ever get a date for instance?
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I'm 15 and technically dating someone, but we both know it's not serious. I'd say 16+ for a serious relationship.

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