Why does each generation view technology differently? What percentage of those in each age group have signed up to an online dating website or app?


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Jim Strong , Founder Director of Jim Strong, answered

Each generation comes with its own
attitudes towards social media, online dating and technology as a whole, I
read in this infographic
. The exact % of those who’ve tried will vary
according to the objectives of each individual and their past experiences in
life. Perhaps not surprisingly, those born between 1925 and 1945 are least
confident with modern technology, whilst the latest generation sees it as part
of the very fabric of life.

Things like looks and personal values are a
big factor which varies between the generations. For example, a whopping 70% of
men under 24 regard looks as being the most important thing when choosing a
date. Although this declines with age, it continues to be the most important
factor for around 1 in 4 men of all generations. Conversely, no women at all –
across all generations – consider looks as the most important factor when
choosing a date.

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