Is It Good For A Girl To Lose Her Virginity At The Age Of 13?


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Well I lost my virginity at 9 years old but that was because I was raped I'm now 14 but I would not say its a great thing to loose it is sort of up to you ......I have a kid thats 5 now ....if you do loose it make sure it is to someone you love and protect yourself with a condom ...unless you want a kid and your parents flipping out on you
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NO>>> too young for sex, little girl. That is a grown up thing to do, and does you absolutely no good at that age. So stop now, before you end up pregnant or with some sexual disease. Anyone who sleeps with a 13 year old girl is breaking the law. So just don't! Talk to your mom or an aunt or someone older in your family who will tell you what you need to know.
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In my opinion no its not physically healthy for her because her body is just forming she's barely beginning her menstrual cycle and her body is going through its changes and losing her virginity at that age can mess it up for her
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Anyone who needs to ask the question is definitely not ready.  I hope you won't be in a rush to grow up .... Enjoy being free of adult concerns as long as you can.

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13 is too young, if you are 'horny' try masturbating, it always helped me.
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Since the legal definition of a "child" varies from state to state, I would say wait until the age of 14 (the age of delineation between being considered a child and not in most states) and be sure the other individual is between the ages of 14 and 17. That way no laws are broken as long as both parties consent and do not resist either physically or verbally.
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I honestly have no clue and was just about to ask the same thing, but is it really that bad if you are in love with the person and you use protection? I want to but I don't no if I should or not, and I no he wants to.
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Well I think its fine as long as theres protection and the boy uses protection, so you can't get pregnant or sexual diseases. Let nature be nature

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What type of rolemodel are you?
Do you want this poor little girl who is THIRTEEEN if you hadnt read correctly, to do this to herself?
Good one.

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