Why do young girls lose their virginity at such a young ages these days?


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Because they get too curious about sex and what it will feel like, so they try it out for themselves.

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Depends on what you mean by young

10-14  absolutely out of their minds

15-17  probably really horny

18-20  more responsible then most but still pretty horny

21+  living the young adult life

At least that's what I presume them to be also could you help me out with my question?

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Emilie Theriault
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Okay so I dyed my hair red but it accidentally came out as black so should I come out to my parents about being emo?
larissa kowlessar
well that's when there are really horny, doesn't have anything to do with there time
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because they listen to their friends more than their hearts thus easily carried by the friends wordz
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Because guys are horny. Girls are horny. One pressures the other, and they end up having sex. It's "cool."         

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TV, Magazines, Movies, Advertisements most celebrities are to blame. Nearly everything is sold to people by sex these days and kids find out way to much at a young age.. Curiosity gets the better of them.

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I had a girlfriend when I was 17, she was 15.

Her mom got her birth control pills , we both grew up just fine & have no regrets at all.

I loved her very much, that was back in the 70's

people in the US are much too concerned with sex while in the meantime the country is going down the tubes. It's sex & nothing new here.

People forget they were young once themselves!

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