Why are teens these days smoking, drinking, dating at a young age, being rude. etc..? I feel as if I am the only girl at my school who doesn't do any of these.


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First of all teenagers tend to be 10x more dramatic than other age groups, because of their "phase" they go through where they want to be rebellious and whatnot.

Second, there could be a strong influence coming from their parents. Maybe they're just as bad as those kids, because they're the ones that taught them. It's either that, or peer pressure. And those kids affected by peer pressure are going to have an extremely rough time trying to think for themselves, which ofcourse leads to MANY different problems in the future. Some could be worse than others, like not being able to take the initiative to apply for the simplest of jobs because they couldn't think for themselves, they need someone to do it for them.

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Unfortunately, since the beginning of time, every teenage group goes thru this to be "cool" and macho and all bada*s when in all reality it makes their peers and others sick. Now don't get me wrong, there are always exceptions to this and we are called Nerds which is fine by me.  

Many outgrow this with age but many don't and many move on at a young age because of it which is really sad but its life and life goes on and waits for the next generation of teens

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Because parents don't know how to parent these days....
Or because their positive influences are zero to none. They take after each other and are influenced by what's around them.  Just remember, you become what you behold. If you are seeing, hearing, hanging around things that bring you down and cause harm, your tendencies will lean that way - your attitude will stink, and your outlook will be bleak. If you watch, and surround yourself with positive, uplifting influences, you will find yourself starting to act the same.

Going with what everyone else is doing is easy - it takes no effort. That's why so many people do it. It's going the opposite of everyone else that takes courage and intention.

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Most teens do this stuff because they want to get attention. Especially girls, we want to look attractive and perfect, so we put makeup and all that stuff. As for guys, they do their own things. Another reason is because people are scared and they don't want to be made fun of, they think it's cool to do harmful things. But they don't realize that these things leads them into danger if they're not careful.

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I thank it is awesome that you aren't doing those things, I was one of those girls and it didn't do anything for me so keep it up.
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I wish most girls stop and think what they are doing before acting.
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Satan convinces them that it will make them look cool, seem mature, fit in, or stand out.  He also convinces them that rumors of their health "benefits" are true.  Teenagers don't generally think; normally, they feel.  The connections between the emotional part and the rational part of their brain won't be fully developed until they are around 25 years old.

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Completely disagree, I saw my friends acting up, drinking, smoking pot.. It never tempted me ... Depends on one's upbringing. And a mythical being has nothing to do with the question.
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So you are not one to succumb to negative peer pressure. That is good.
I know that satan is real. There is no way to argue that. Maybe there are ways to argue it with others who have not had the experiences that I have, but it is not possible to argue it with me. I know. And, whether you believe it or not, there is still the truth. Believing that he does not exist will not make him nonexistent. And believing in the existence of something that does not exist, such as a Greek god, will not make it exist either.
satan has everything to do with the question.
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I hate to break it to you, but this is what teenagers have been doing for generations. They are challenging their boundaries. Stay true to yourself and don't worry about what others do.

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It's tough being a kid these days, most need a good hobby to keep them busy , and out of trouble. Parents should encourage this more, and take part in their child's activities.

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Teenagers have been doing this since before you were even born!

A teen might do drugs or drink for many reasons. Someone in their family does it, peer pressure, bullying, problems at home, loneliness, etc..

Dating has many of the same reasons. Teens who live with one parent, and don't know the love of a mom or dad, go looking for it in other people. This is why it's very important for both parents to be loving to their children. Maybe the teen feels his/her parents are over protective or doesn't pay enough attention to them, so they go and fall in love to rebel against the parents or seek the attention they need.

Being rude falls in the same categories as well. Has anyone ever told you about the bully being mistreated at home and that's why he mistreats people at school? It's the same thing with teens. The parents are teaching their children to be rude by not placing them with the right punishments.

Now, don't think ALL teens are like this, there are many reason out there why a teen acts the way he/she acts. For example, dating at a young age isn't the worst thing in the world. Teens are going through puberty and have high hormones, it's the time in a teens life when they start noticing what attracts him/her. Not all love is fake when you're a teen, my aunt and uncle fell in love at thirteen and are happily married to this day.

There are many reasons why teens are how they are, it's their job to realize the mistakes they are making while growing up, unfortunately, many don't. So instead of judging them, help them out by telling them what's right and what's wrong. Even if they don't listen, you just planted the idea in their memory, and they'll remember it when the time comes.

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