Why Do Babies Get Vaccinated With So Many Things At Such A Young Age?


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Because, immunity can be conferred so early, and the sooner the babies are protected, the better.

Because the very early months of life are the worst ages to get some of the diseases (such as pertussis and Hib).

Because in the very early months is when parents are most in the habit of speaking to health visitors and attending baby clinics. So they are most likely to pay attention to the vaccination appointments and actually go along to them.

Because many mothers go back to work when the baby is about 4-5 months old. It may be that much harder attend jab appointments after this age, so it becomes more likely that babies will be unprotected if vaccination is delayed.

Although so many jabs (6 in the first 4 months of life) may seem a lot, the immune system of healthy infants is actually best primed to develop robust immunity during these early months. The young baby's immune system is being bombarded with a great many other things from the world, such as common cold viruses which could be quite potent. By comparison, the proteins in the jabs that the baby receives are quite benign and inactivated.

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