Why are parents such a nuisance in young people's lives?


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Why are young people such a nuisance in their parent's lives?

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Young people feel like they are now old enough to do whatever they want or are mature enough to control their own life. They feel like their parents are just trying to bring them down and prevent them from their freedoms.

Although parents want to do what's best for their children, they need to realize that their kids need to sooner or later make their own decisions. Parents need to let them do that, even let them make a few wrong ones to teach them a lesson.

And young people should just realize that parents are truly trying to help them. Parents may seem controlling, but it's because they're worried about them. Although young people wish to do whatever they want, they must realize that sometimes taking advice from their parent's isn't a bad idea. Parents are more experienced in life and can offer some really good advice and/or help. Most - if not all - parents have no malicious intent to cause the downfall of their children, so their advice are usually trustworthy.

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