Are there any virgin girls over the age of 18?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Yes, actually quite a few. I can think of a few right off. Some because of religion, some because they want to be pure when they're married, and some that just aren't that interested in anyone yet. Some guys wouldn't know what to do anyway, so a young lady is going to remain a virgin till she feels it's right. As it should be.

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Lia Tan answered

Okay I'm not over the age of 18 so technically I can't answer this on a personal level. But I do know people who are over the age of 18 and are virgins as well as people who were virgins until they were married and older than 18. So even though the average age for people these days to lose their virginity is about 17 or 18, that just means that about half (more or less) of all people will lose their virginity when they are older than 17 and 18. What does this all mean? It just means that yes there are people and who are still virgins at 18 or older and it's perfectly fine!

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Sure my dear, a vlot of women you see out there on a daily basis are virgins but will not come to you announcing it...I quite agree with master cogburn that part of it is because of religion and some are not just interested in anyone or are not ready for it yet. Some women get married as virgins and many more will...It is good to keep it for the right man and at the right time too.

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I was one until I was 25.

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