Is There A Way To Overcome The Fear Of Losing Your Virginity?


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Talk openly, honestly, and frankly with anybody that may become your sexual partner. Be upfront about any worries you have. Only have sex with somebody you TRULY trust. Read some books on the subject. Talk to friends (or strangers) that have already lost their virginity, and ask about fears they had. Make sure you are prepared to deal with any undesired outcomes of sex (disease or pregnancy).
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It's sad to hear young girls or boys for that matter talking about their dignity, self=worth, virginity as if their about to buy a shirt they're not sure will match their pants.

This will be a decision you can not return, time has no mercy you can not turn back the hands of time.There isn't anybody worth letting them use your body for their quick minutes of pleasure!! Think about it.... It doesn't matter if you have been with them 2-4 or more months or years...When this person that says he loves you and tells you come on just once, don't you love me, if you loved, because I love you, lets have sex or make love or whatever clever line he can come up with, then this is your chance to test his love and sincerity.....

If he truly loves you and I'm sure this is what you want, then he should look at you as that special rose, that's reserved in a special glass so that none of the harsh elements of this world will harm it or affect it, it's a special rose indeed and only the one worthy of it's delicate, sweet aroma and soft touch will be lucky so fortunate to obtain it/her. You are that Rose and you firm belief, self worth, self respect, represent the thorns on the rose.

If he indeed has true love for you, than he won't mind waiting a thousand years. If it's true love, then he will do everything to prove it to you!! You are worth it! You are worth him working hard for, saving money for,You are worth him coming to your home and asking your parent/guardian (or you if the other two do not apply) for your hand in marriage, you are worth it for him to wait till that day happens, you are worth being walked down an aisle, you are worth him fighting his own selfish feelings to prove to you that he really does love, respect and care about you.

Being respected having integrity, putting your foot down ladies! That, this is your body and not anybody or anything, not even the whispers in your head will you let it make you make a decision that you know you will regret..... Making love is the most beautiful thing and it's a true pleasure that God has bestowed on a man and wife. Quran; So that they might find comfort in one another. Seek refuge in your creator from the whispers of Satan, for his goal is to lead man astray. But for those who take this matter so lightly, then rest assure that it will hurt.... But on a totally different level other than what you're thinking, your ego.....  I wish you the best, and may you be guided on the right way.

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