If i tried having sex but it wouldn’t go in does that count as losing your virginity or does it have to go all the way in?


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Tom Jackson answered


What is "it?"---and where are you trying to put "it?"

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Yin And Yang answered

There is so much deception in this question! Either you are being deceptive to you best friend (girl gossip) or your being deceptive to your current Beau and your trying to either sound more grown up then what you are (yes I've had s3x) OR sound less skanky (no I have never been with anyone. I only have eyes for you.) Or my guess is you are being deceptive to your parents. Tell the truth to whom ever and learn from this experience please!

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Matilda Kunher answered

What do you think about virtual sеx? This is a good way to relax and relieve tension. I spend a lot of time on this visit website. I used to do it when I was your age. I think you're Mature and that's okay. You shouldn't feel remorse.

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If you cannot communicate the actual act and understand what that act entails, you are either too young to be trying it or talking about it, or too dumb (I'm sorry . . . Naïve) to be doing it at all . . . Lets not multiply your genetic matter please . . .

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