Can a person be a Christian and lose their virginity before marriage at the same time? In Christianity does that have to mean you're going to hell?


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Yes. I'm a Christian and it's okay to. I mean it is a sin but as long as you are saved it's okay. Just like stealing is a sin but people still go to heaven if they've stolen. No, that doesn't mean you will go to hell

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I'm pretty sure some sins cant be forgiven that easily. You will probably have to spend some time in purgatory until your sins are cleansed. sorry
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To be Christian does not mean to be perfect.  Christianity says that sex outside of marriage is a "sin", yet a "forgivable one".

If fact, the only act that Christians say that "God says" is unredeemable is: "To know that Jesus/God/Holy-Spirit exists and is really, yet chooses to ignore that and not believe it anyways.  I might have butchered their terminology, but that is the gist of it.

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no no no no god will forgive you im a christian myself that his motto to forgive you

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if you wear two different types of fabric according to Christianity then you are going to hell. Life is to short to waste on such things

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