If You Don't Smile During Sex Does This Mean You Are Enjoying It?


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Heather Wilhite Profile
Heather Wilhite answered
I don't think that smiling is the only way to express that you are enjoying it don't usually smile but my husband knows that I am enjoying it...the moaning should let him know that you enjoy it
kya bush Profile
kya bush answered
No. I think if a person smiles during sex doesn't mean they enjoying could mean there laughing inside cause something is funny or because the sex isn't good and they can't wait to tell someone.
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Anonymous answered
I find it nearly impossible to smile during sex even though I'm really enjoying myself and the sex. There are so many other emotions during sex that something as simple as smiling can be nearly impossible for some.
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Anonymous answered
I actually ended up in this question because I hated it when my girlfriend smiled during's a complete turn off for me. I hate it !
Sarah jessica Profile
Sarah jessica answered
You should try to express and exhibit only your natural emotions. It is not at all necessary to smile. Moaning also indicates that you are making love with infinite passion and never-ending enthusiasm.
Fred Jones Profile
Fred Jones answered
There are many feelings in love making but none 'require' smiling. You should show the other person you are enjoying it by your bady actions and if you don't like whatever position or motion, then it's time to say something verbally or the other person will never know.

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