How Do I Overcome The Fear Of Losing A Relationship?


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Answer one is wrong. I love my gf to death that I don't want to live if ever our relationship ends./
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When you love, you want to bring love, not grief to your partner. I don't understand why you would choose death over continuing with the not so pleasant journey of life. Keep on going.. Will give you a chance to gain some wisdom.
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Fear is a strong word, but how do one overcome the fear of loosing a relationship. You should just accept the fact that your not meant to be with each other. Love is hard sometimes, I know from experience. Being in love or loving someone is a wonderful feeling. But when you accept it or reality hits you it is a hard thing. Always remember there is someone else out there, someone who will love you and cherish you, and actually love you for who you are? So get rid of the fear, life goes on. There is someone else out there for you.

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