How To Overcome The Stress Of A Broken Relationship?


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Will Martin answered
It's often said that, to get over a relationship, you need at least half as long as the relationship lasted ~ so, if you were together for two years, think in terms of at least one year before you feel completely healed. Of course that is a huge generalisation, but it is true that you nearly always need more time than you think. It's hardly ever a good idea to rush out and try to replace your partner within weeks; far more helpful at this stage are friends to talk to, and work, study or interests to concentrate on (yes, it's boring, old advice, but it's true!) Enjoy those moments in the day when you feel better; when the misery comes back, tell yourself that it's not forever. Gradually the good moments will outnumber the bad ones. Keeping a diary of your moods may help you realise just how many good things there still are in your life. Once you start to feel that you can have a happy life without a partner, you are probably ready to think about a new relationship.

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Akisha Kostov answered
If you think about yourself and what makes you happy as a person,he/she won't even matter anymore. I'm two years away from a 12 year relationship and now I'm ok!! Super as a matter of fact! It was so hard to walk away.But,when the other person has moved on you feel like a fool. So my advice would be to just live your life. Good Luck!

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