Which Things Can Keep You Busy While You Are Healing A Broken Heart? I Need A Lot Of Ideas.


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Well, first of all, this is a very grave situation when one's heart is broken, first of all we should try that this thing should not happen but if it happens then there are ways to deal with it. That's correct! You can also do these things.

First of all, you should stop thinking about what had happened and how it happened. Most of the time, we also start thinking why it happened, after sometimes, we start thinking that may be it was our fault which, most of the time, is wrong. So you stop thinking about that incident. Then, you start intermingling with people, attend parties, accept invitations and this will help a lot. If you have a literary mind, buy some best seller and start reading it. I would recommend you should read it before sleeping.

One thing you can do, if you have not done already, is tell all your incident to someone close; after telling, you will feel light-hearted and can do anything easily, without tension.
In the end, never think that that was your first and the last close-to-heart friend, no! in your life, you will get more suitable and sincere friends. Just don't lose hope!
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To heel a broken heart is very tedious job one has to perform. A man who is involved in this job has to face many hardships and sufferings. The question that which things keep you busy while you are heeling a broken heart is itself very difficult to be answered. Anyhow I am trying to answer about those things, which keep you busy while you are heeling a broken heart. They may be as follows:
First of all you will try to know the reasons, which caused a heart to be broken. Once you overcome these reasons, you will try to overcome them. Secondly you will try to know that, which party is at fault either it's a boy or girl. When you will know about the party, you will focus your attentions towards that and you will try to solve them.
A broken heart is always a very bad condition and he or she gets very much desperate and sometimes thinks to get rid of their lives even. So you have to be very sensible to solve his or her problems and devote much of your energy, time and everything. So the main things, which keep you busy while heeling a broken heart are your time, your devotions, your passionate approach and even sometime your money.
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Something better that you can do is, instead try to look at that feeling as an experience. Try to see it as normal, because when you're broken up inside while you want to forget it, you can't.

My advice for you would be to take this as something that makes you stronger. For the next relationship, you will be prepared for any situation. You can exercise, go to the mall with your friends and go out with them. Indulge in things that make build your courage. Be patient; give it time.
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I would suggest doing something to help get all the hurt out. Maybe brisk walking in the evening or when ever you are feeling down. If you have access to a gym that is a great way to get rid of anger and even hurt. But also you can't let your feeling bottle up. If you are hurt with a broken heart sometimes you have to let a good cry out or talk to someone close to you. Now you shouldn't do this everyday but the first few days its expected. Good luck with finding something to do, and just think in the end you would never know what true happiness felt like if you never experienced pain. It's hard but you willet through this :)
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I don't know. Go to your family, visit friends (old ones), go shopping, watch television, start reading anew book, repaint your place, work overtime or you may give your self a rest travel.

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