My Husband Leaves Everyday For Hours At A Time And Won't Tell Me Where He Is, What Should I Do?


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Is he normally a private person? Is this out of the ordinary for him? Do you have a reason not to trust him? Do you ask him where he is and get no answer or does he just not offer any info? I would be suspicious if this wasn't normal and he normally let you know where he was. I would follow him myself, don't involve others, it  is not their fight.
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I would act like you do every day and say goodbye . But then have someone follow him or you follow him in someone else's car so he won't know it is you .This will either put you at ease or prove your suspicions right.
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Follow him. Or have a friend follow him. He shouldn't be that secretive. I can guarantee if you didn't account for hours of your time he would not be happy. I hate to be pessimistic but it doesn't sound promising.
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If it keeps going on maybe you can ask a friend to ask him. Or just follow him or a friend..or hire a investagtor...
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Do you have a job?  If not, get a hobby say genealogy or stamp collecting something that will occupy your mind.  This will keep you busy and will take your mind off what he is doing.  Remember he may be doing this to aggravate you or to stimulate you into doing something with yourself.  Go to college or something. If you don't have any children to care for, now is the time to do it.  You will have the time to study and get good grades.  Then he will wonder what is keeping you busy.  This way you will be doing something good for yourself and it won't be hurting the relationship, in fact it will be helping it by adding intrigue (smile).  Don't do anything dumb like have an affair or get a boyfriend or something like that.  He may be doing something to surprise you and then you go and ruin by doing something to hurt him.  You don't know what he is doing so keep it clean whatever you do.  
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What a man, you really need to figure out how to follow him or have him followed. Did you ever hear of that show "Cheaters"? If you have, look them up on the net and contact them, they might be able to help you with this. It is very likely that he is cheating on you. Does he have money that goes missing? Or he always seems to have an excuse for where his money has gone? Does he let you question him on that? These are things that you should be thinking about. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.
I have read all these responses and some I agree and some I don't but you have to be optimistic and use reality because apparently you think he's cheating.and if he's not why can't he reply to your question.nobody knows your marriage better than you,ask yourself do we have an infidelity problem and what could be causing it.the bottom line is regardless what the answer may be if the two of you really love each other find a way to work out your don't need a breakup you need a breakthrough,be encouraged and don't give up.
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Maybe he deals drugs or buys drugs? What kind of answer does he give you when you ask him where he's been or going? Do you ask him if he is seeing another woman? I would have to agree with some of the others on here...I would have a friend follow him (someone he doesn't know so that he wouldn't recognize them or their vehicle).
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It's been a week! What did you do?  I'd like to think he's planning something special for you but I prefer optimism but like many have said only you know your husband and your marriage.  Do you detect problems?  Have you had past problems?  I hope you get back to us and at least tell us what you found out.  
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You will have to decide what your marriage is like: Is it a good one, and that there is love and trust and respect for each other. If it is good and you want to keep it, then ask him plainly, and tell him that he does not have to tell you if he does not want to. And leave it at that.

Remember, a marriage is a sharing of two lives. One does not possess the other. Everyone needs some space and some privacy for each to breathe, to grow. Otherwise it will be a suffocating relationship. Don't spy, don't accuse, don't be bitter and don't be greedy. Make yourself worthy of the partnership and be prepared to be on your own.

Enjoy what you each have to contribute to the joint-venture; enjoy the journey together for as long as it lasts.
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He might be cheating on you. When he is not home check his pockets for recepts of hotels and dinner.  Or follow him and have a camera ready. Even better call his  job and ask him what time you will be home. Or if you have the money hire someone and get a report from that person.
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There are lots of reasons he could not want to tell you where he is going and not all of them are bad. I would advise you not to accuse him of something until you have prof, because it really pisses me off when I'm accused of something I didn't do
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Start ask him what is going with him and if stay won't tell you start following him or take some time to self everyday to blank his  absent.
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Take a day off from work and follow him (discreetly - from a distance). Bring a camera and take pictures. Or hire a private detective to do it.

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