What is the average age to lose your virginity? Im twelve and my best friend (who's a guy) keeps pressuring me to lose the big v to him.


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Don't. Really don't. It's good to wait. I'm 13, n I don't know a lot about this. But I'm telling you you should wait. At least til your married or know that you love someone. You'll regret it. And there's a huge chance that you'll get pregnant. Condoms break. Birth control doesn't always work 100%. So, don't just do it to get it over with. It's not something you should mess around with unless you WANT to get pregnant. Other than that, you could a disease, or really sick. Good luck with this, but don't do it...
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You are way too young to be talking about losing your virginity to anyone. Your body is not a toy and you should not let any boy pressure you to do that. Tell your parents immediately on this boy. Lose your virginity when you get married.
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You shouldn't lose your virginity becasue someones pressuring you to do it, not only is 12 way too young it's wrong becasue it's not what you want it should be what he wants or what you both want. Especialy if you aren't going out. 12 is young and I don't think you really know what you want yet, yeah losing it is good but you'll be considered something awful if you lose it this young wait until you find someone who really cares about you and waits until your ready not until he is. It's your's to lose not his. I was 15 when I lost mine and I odn't regret it one bit becasue he loves me, heck were still together today I'm not ashamed to have waited, far to many people are rushing to lose their's and once they do then what? They are knwon as sl*gs and all which is nothnig to be proud of, I'm not saying you will be but theirs a chance and that's not a label you want to be carrying round with you for the rest of your life. So just wait until you've found someone who cares about you and wait's until your both ready and not just him (:
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You should wait until you are married. Don't do it! It could ruin your friendship. Losing your virginity at this young of an age is not cool! It's slutty. (excuse my language and I am not trying to be a jerk-face) I'm 12 too and I could never lose my virginity until I was much older. I think you really should wait till you're married. Tell your friend NO. If he keeps at it I give you permission to kick him where the sun don't shine. (Or tell your parents or continue saying no.) I personally would avoid him though.
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You should only have sex when you are ready and not because someone else has decided he wants to have sex with you as it will be you who will pay the price for it not him. There is no average age but ask girls who did have sex at 12 years later and many will tell you it was too soon. 
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Do not do it, your way to young, I am 19, I was 15 when I lost mine, I wish it never happened. Your V card is something you can never get back. At 12 you should be worrying about what the coolest new toy is gunna be not about when you should have sex. You don't want to be regretting something for the rest of your life, just wait.
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I think you should wait till you're 18!! Don't DO IT! No matter how much of a better friend he is, he shouldn't be pressuring you!
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Twelve is not the right age to have sex. Its too young. This boy would not be your best friend if he keeps pressuring you to have sex. I'm 21, I lost 'the big v' at the age of 17. Do not, its too risky.
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You are 12? What is wrong with teenagers these days, I am 16 and I am proudly a virgin...hopefully I can be someone you look up to for that fact:)
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Round my area the average age is 15 - 16     
me and my 3 best buds are all 13 and weve all lost it
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How old is your best friend? Normally they only want to have sex with you and then leave you, so I wouldnt recomend you to...
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The age to loose your v is the age where you can deal with any consequences without any help cause its always a possibility if you get a desease or pregnant you will be on your own.
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Wow you too young I'm 15 I think of that too but I have a big sister and a nephew if you get pregnant at 12 what do you think people will think about you? Don't loose your virginity thats just being plain dumb a virgin is worth a fortune this days trust me (:
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Listen, you are way too young to be thinking about losing your virginity, I'm 15 and I lost my virginity a while back ago and I wish I hadn't of done it.... It was the worst mistake I have ever made! You should just wait till you know you're ready for sure. You shouldn't let anyone pressure you to do anything.
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I think you can lose your virginity whenever you want, as long as it's your decision and you take the necessary protection. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you don't want to!

Now, I'm not going to say that your friend is a bad friend. All I will say in regards to him, is that you should keep in mind boys that age are completely hormone-driven.
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Hi I'm 13, whatever you do do NOT have sex. Not only will you risk getting pregnant, loose your self respect but also, boys like to boast about what they get up to, especially as teenagers! And if he does then everybody you know will loose respect for you. You will be hated, and get a bad reputation. Obviously he isn't so much of a bestfriend that you think if he is pressuring you for sex... I say 15+ Is the time to loose it if you and the other person are both ready. At my age people are proud to be a virgin, don't let him play you about and do mind tricks with you! Stay a virgin, best way. :)
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Don't worry about the average age..you are a little to young to worrie about that now.. But when the time comes you will know you want to and only then should you....NEVER let someone try to convince you or pressure you to doing it one reason is because it may not be good for you if you did not really want to do it...it should be special not rushed.
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I was 14. I wish I had waited but I didnt and It was something very special that once its gone you will never get back. Wait until you have a real beifriend that you really love and give it to him. Them even when you break up it will still be a fond memory...
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I'm twelve too and I know it is not good to lose your Vcard!!! You could get STD's and some STD's are Aids and their is no cure for it!!! You will die it kills and you could get pregant you should pound that boy next time he asks and tell the school or your parents it won't make you a tattle tale it makes you mature and safe. And think about it would you want to lose the most memorable moment of your life to a hormonal driven boy!
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Don't do it! You don't need that pressure... You are too young.. When I was 12 my boyfriend tried to talk me into it too and I wasn't even thinking about it and didn't want to don't let someone pressure you especially if you even have a slight thought about not doing it and you do do it you will regret it for sure! When I was 15 all my friends already did it and I felt pressured because I hadn't yet so I did just to do it.. Realized it wasn't great at all.. It was a stupid thing to do you won't enjoy it.. If you're not ready don't do it its nothing special and won't be a special event in yovur life till you're with that special person.. I'm 30 now and I still regret my first time I wish that I had waited.. I wish that it was special, or even romantic and when you'r that young not too much is romantic... Besides sex comes with responsibilities stds, pregnancies, infections, it could even make you depressed you could feel used or might be called a slut... Be careful!
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No way girl should he do that!!! You should go up to him and say that he should not even ask that!!! Also you should tell him that if he does then you wont be his friend!!!
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How old is your "best friend"? Real friends don't keep pressuring you to do something you don't want to do. Maybe you need a new friend! And at 12, I think its best to hold on to your v-card. Good luck!
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I'm 14 and I lost my Vcard at 13 to my best friend. I am telling you now don't do it, it is the worst mistake you could ever make!
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I'm 13 and I'm not even thinking about it. I say your way 2 young. Wait untill it is legal 4 you, then if you love some 1 enough reconsider it then, but certainly not now

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