I'm going to hire a female escort online to help me lose my virginity, any advice?


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Wow. Is that really how you want to spend your first time having sex? With an escort? Everyone gets nervous their first time, but it's also meant to be special and fun etc... To be honest I think if you do this it may ruin how you view sex as you become more experienced!

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Anonymous commented
not advice so much as wishing you the best of luck in your endevors I'm in a simmalur boat don't believe me read my questoin
poppy green
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im poppy and i know that it might be cool and every thing to lose ur virginity but doing with some one u have payed proves u r low and desperate, besides do u really want that hanging over u for the rest of ur life: that you r a desprate person who payed someone to lose ur virginity
Dwaun Marshall
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Please, do you really think I want to die a virgin, loveless and a loser?
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I really don't think that's a good idea, you can only use your virginity once, so you should wait for someone special, trust me you will only regret it if you dont

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You should wait, seriously. That's something that should be special and that girl has had sex with - probably - tons of guys. Trust me, everything's going to get better if you wait.

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I'm poppy and I know that it might be cool and every thing to lose your
virginity but doing with someone you have paid proves you are low and
desperate, besides do you really want that hanging over you for the rest of your life: That you are a desperate person who paid someone to lose your

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Your going to do it that way?  I say wait or I'll  think you a ... for losing you virginity that way.

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To all the people that are criticising the person asking the question, it's completely his choice if he wants to lose his virginity to an escort (I'm not sure if he's already done it), and you don't know why exactly he wants to lose his virginity to one. He might have anxiety issues, disabilities, or maybe just a different view towards sex. You guys don't know...there's an article you should read about the pros and cons of losing your virginity to an escort.

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