I don´t know what i want to do in the future!! Doctor, lawyer, singer or interior designer???? Which 1 do you prefer??


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Nice Girl answered

It really won't matter to you what I prefer! People ask others' opinion but mostly end up following what they are comfy with! Just wait till you're a grown up! I'm sure you'll know what to become! Don't worry, I've tried it!

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ly fen chen answered

You must have a choice, choose the one that you are interested, and easier to earn money as well, as some kind of jobs are difficult to obtain, but the main is you should have your decision. And good luck.

FASHIONIS LIFE , go with your heart love, answered

Do what you believe you are the best at. They all sound like fun and exciting jobs; I believe you can do anything you want, just work hard and you will be a success!!!

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