What does a relationship mean to you?


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Lard Ass Profile
Lard Ass answered

Well mine means absolutely everything to me. It means sharing myself with the love of my life. It means being there for each other for everything, good, bad, indifferent. It means sharing the greatest love I have ever known, with my one and only love. I love you baby. <3

skyler mcCoy Profile
skyler mcCoy , freee, answered

I have been in a relationships for four years and it is so awesome and I know being single is hard.

Sergio Jemas Profile
Sergio Jemas answered

Relationships for me mean trust, love, mutual understanding. If not, then the relationship will not last long.

Sophie Carroll Profile
Sophie Carroll answered

I agree with you. Without trust, strong relationships cannot be built. I had trust issues when I met a guy on a dating site. I did not understand at all whether he was kissing with many girls or only with me. But after reading a few tips from this cisna.org website, I was able to resolve the trust issue. It really helped me, even though I broke up with that guy. But in a new relationship, I was already more loyal in this matter.

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