How To Attract Girls In School?


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It’s as simple as being yourself. Attracting girls is not something you should do by not being yourself. If you try and attract somebody by being somebody else, then ultimately the girl will be attracted to who you are pretending to be - not the real you. This means that you could end up in a relationship whereby you are attracted to your partner, but your partner is not really attracted to you.

This is unlikely, however. There’s only so much you can do to pretend, and by the time a relationship is on the cards then the real you would have been outed, and a whole social mess will have been created. Imagine being known as the one in school who pretended to be ‘cool’ or ‘weird’ to attract the girl you sit next to in English. It’s undesirable and it’s a bad idea.

You must also remember that love appears when you least expect it. Many people feel hopeless in love, thinking that there is nobody out there for them and that throughout high school and college, they will never have a meaningful relationship. These people are nearly always wrong. Love comes right out of the blue, and you will no doubt meet somebody soon that you immediately click with. This person will be able to respect you for who you are, and appreciate you wholly - instead of appreciating something that you are pretending to be. It’s so much more satisfying being in a relationship when you know full well that the relationship is meaningful, and that your partner really does care for you.

So get out there and start meeting new people. This can make finding somebody to care for much easier, as you will become used to being around people that you don’t know and people that you hope to get to know.
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I am a girl, so I can answer this question better then boys! Haha .
Here are things I like in a guy:
1) Must be friendly
2) Not desperate  (For ex.- Not looking for a girlfriend to impress his friends  or just wants to be "cool".
3) NO PITY DATES (That one is kind of obvious- but no girl wants to be dating a boy who just is dating them because they feel sorry for them.)
4) Must be READY for a relationship. (Not TOO serious - but: Again- you don't want to be a type of guy that will say "Eww!" to the mention of kissing, holding hands, that sort of stuff.)
5) Must be fun . (This one is OBVIOUS.)
6) Not ALL girls want this- but I would suggest compliments - and dates of course. (For compliments you could say- " Have I told you your pretty?" or - "Your hair looks nice like that." )
For dates; a simple lunch- nothing TOO fancy where you feel awkward and feel like you have to dress up too much. Or you could just go to a movie. Like I said: Nothing too fancy.
7) Don't try to impress her if she is your girlfriend. If you guys are together, that means she likes you just the way you are and doesn't need much more impressing.
Well, that's things I like, so that doesn't count for ALL girls . But those are just some tips that will make you a better guy- that girls will gladly go out with, may I add.
I hoped this helps!
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Okay, as a girl, I think I can answer this question pretty well. The guys that I enjoy being with at school, aren't the loud and obnoxious ones. Seriously, the ones who are laid back and all around nice guys are so much fun! I love the type of guy who if you meet eyes, will give you a nice smile to show that they aren't too shy. Don't try to be the class clown, or center of attention. Definitely not necessary. Little jokes, and guys that will have a nice conversation are the best! FRIENDLY! Just not over the top. :]
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While each girl has her own specific likes and dislikes, I'll compile a list of important aspects almost all women find attractive.

  1. Hygiene -- It is extremely important that you take good care of yourself. I.e. Brushing your teeth three times a day, showering every morning, and taking good care of your hair. TAKE CARE OF YOUR FACE. It's not "gay" to wash your face or use cleansing pads. It will help with acne which will give you a better overall confidence.

  2. Confidence -- Exert confidence. Show them that you know who you are, you are happy with yourself, and you are positioned to succeed. Even if you aren't super happy with your looks, don't get hung up over them. Looks aren't everything to a girl. Attraction goes far beyond looks. Be confident in the way you walk, the way you stand, the way you interact with her friends, and the way you talk to her. Bottom line, be happy with who you and let her be able to see that.

  3. Be Polite -- Girls will notice this. You need to set yourself apart from the other guys -- what better way then to be polite and caring when many guys are rude and obnoxious.

  4. Compliment sparingly -- some guys try to be almost "too nice" in attempt to attract girls. "You're as beautiful as my mother!" or "Your eyes are like space crystals!" probably won't win over the girls. Many guys think that all women want is niceness. While it is true, to an extent, they don't want a guy that sounds and feels like a pushover. When you compliment them, stay away from cliches and be honest. Don't say a compliment you don't mean. And don't compliment just because you feel you should.

  5. (For high school specifically) -- Exhibit maturity. Have you ever noticed that the cute and popular girls will go for the older guys? This is mostly because those older guys are more mature than the girls her age. When I mean "exhibit maturity" I don't mean smoke and drink because that's what the older guys do. I mean that you should be mature mentally. Don't laugh at others misfortunes just because your friends are. If you see someone getting "bullied" and it bothers you, do something about it. Don't sit back and follow the crowd just because everyone else is too much of a pussy to act.
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Well I'm 14 and still in school so I can answer this question quite well but its different for all girls....I'm from north wales so girls here and some from manchester are different so well heres what I like in a guy

He should be friendly ans willing to be seen with you, he doesnt care if your the ugliest or prettiest or sexiest girl in school, and he doesnt follow people obviously I don't want a star wars geek but not some really cool person who thinks their so cool and can get any girl, and don't be running around to much, girls like boys you chill and like just sitting and holding hands, watching a movie, also look nice, not to dressed up but deodorant is a must and maybe gel your hair, clean trousers, clean teeth and so on, if a girl likes you she wont care about the shape of your body or anything, I'm fat and ive had the same boyfriend for over 2 years now and he doesnt care what I look like he just likes me being me so don't worry guys the right girl will come along :) and sorry about it being SO long I just wanted to help :)

bye xxx
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Well, make sure you brush your teeth.  Don't burp either. My ex bf goes up to girls and starts burping the ABC's. That completely grosses them out. (me too!) THAT IS WHY HE IS MY EX. When I met him he was very polite but he changed after reading stuff on the web. Probably how to get rid of your gf. (haha)

know I have an awesome bf who respects me and is polite!

Hope you catch a girl soon! It is nice having a best friend.
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1). Smell nice
2). If she smiles at you she probably likes you
3). Be yourself

I didn't get a Gf until I was confident.
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Well, as a girl, I would say, that you should b yourself and b nice and kind.    Thats my best advice.
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I'm nice, But I think this is how it goes the NICE guy never gets the girl because If you're always being nice the girl would just consider you as a friend
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You should make jokes or funny things because these can make most of the girls in your class to notice you who you are.And , you will be special one ( not Inter Manger) in one role like sport or computer or something else.The last thing you should be is friendly person. This is all I think . Thank you for your time ...
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You need to be your self, there are so many different interpretations of the word cool, and you don't need to to be cool to be liked by other people. Try not to just follow the croud, and talk to them, invite them out just be your self then no one can accuse you of being false or two faced. (Make sure you are well preened, dressed and clean) outhough I'm sure you are already.
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loved up is a girl I enjoy the guys who are themselves and doesn't try to follow everyone else. I like the kind of guys who are nice, funny, clean and who are themselves. I don't like the loud guys who try to be the center of attention.
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If you want to attracts girls just ,go front of them n have a eye contact n smile ,if she does not smile so ,do it  next time ,then I damn sure about it she will pass you smile back .then after add her over facebook ,n talk to her n ask her interests ,if she does not have facebook then you just keep smile to her all the day n every day ,then after she will become your friend .so in launch breaks or short breaks talk to her ask her for a nite dinner ,if she says no then you take her fone no,then at night you call her n just have conversation ,something like ,how  ru ? N how is your swimming class going to on?the ask in likes n her everyday,then at last propose her ,then I definately sure about it she will tell you yes.
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Hi if you could help me I am in year 5 (junior school) and there is a girl on my table sitting next to my worst enemy and she starts to become 1 of my worst enemys as well then my oringinal worst enemy moves table and the choir go's to sing at dehbanems and they is only 3 people on the table me my freind and the 1 who was coming my worst enemy so it is peacefull with only half the class so we all start talking and then I find out with out my worst enemy there she is really nice so I go sit next to her she don't mind and I now like her and I want to ask her out but am too scared to ask her and I want to edmit I fancy her but I am far too scared so any girls out there who an give advice;she likes swearing the slitest bit so do I she likes talking to me first thing she see's me walk in the yard on the morning so do I::::::::::::;I like her a lot I don't know if she likes me oh and she has recently broke up a boy the day before this story (actual story on friday 20th november 2009)and she is good lookin to me and another few boys please help me I want to ask her out before she goes out with someone else remember only tell me things to do what she would like thanks
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Hi everyone I really need some help so that I can now if I am attractive to girls or not
-I am 14 years old and I am a boy/  I am usually the guy who doesnt follow the crowd I always sit back and watch people talking and try to now their personnality I don't talk too much and is this helps I practice swimming so I think that I have an attractive body
and there is lots of time when my eyes meets girls eyes /not 1 time or 2 but lots of time in school
well I am smart (not the king of nerds) so can you tell me if I am attractive to girls
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  1. Be you, at first.
  2. Get to know her a little by starting your "relationship" slow..
  3. Then with your knowledge about her get to improve on yourself a little bit.
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No,personally the best way is be yourself ,what you to be is do it ,and the girls love the unfeigned boys.
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Well I am attracted to a guy who is. . . Sweet, nice , funny, smart, good looking, and a great athelete 
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Well since I'm a girl lemme think. Well I think that talking to her would be a good thing becoming friends because then we feel like we know him. Keep up your attitude don't be a downer all the time. If we drop something pick it up or open the door. Be a gentlemen and don't chicken out because we hate that.
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I'm a girl and I would want you to be your self but, if you like somebody ask them out if you think they like you like if a girl is bored out of her mind or bitting her lip she is bored and if she is bitting her lip she wants you to kiss her but not always so be carful. Hope I helped if I didnt I'm srry.
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Really I don't know ... But I aslo waitin 4 girls 1ly ... Bcoz I also don't know abt girls ...
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Well I'm a girl so this is pretty easy. What would attract me is a guy whos nice, has a good sense of humor( I loooovvve a guy whos funny) nd just b urself.
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I need help I'm really into this girl but I've been out with her two best friends and what's more I'm more of the jock type guy so trying to be clever ain't working it mainly Back fires but it makes her laugh but then I don't want to come over stupid cause I'm not I'm average but we got close and she started to tell me things like how she's unhappy and feels fat I do what I can but nothing is happening and I can't take a random jump
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Hi everyone! I m 15 years old,little fat,people think I'm a nerd and I m very much nervous.I started liking a girl in my school .....I don't know her and I don't know anything about her .my school is very strict about these activities ......can anyone help me plz..
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Sorry guys I have to tell you that their are som kind of girls that r ..... What ever I'm 14 and I like girls specially "blond" . I live in lebanon  I'm tall handsome (that what they tell me ) . And I can't add any thing just be yourself and try to have a nice conversation with the girl you like and nice words to say!!
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Hi, I think you should be well groomed, be you, be respectful and treat people the way you want to be treated. Do ask some girls out and do not try to be to serious on your first date, take your time and have fun. Take Care!
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Well hi im 14 years old and ima boy im usually the type of boys that do not go whith the crowd i always sit back and watch people talking i dont talk to much and also i try to be friendly i don't if im cool or not but i do swiming so i am in good shape plz tell me does this attract girls cuz there are many times when my eyes meets girls eyes not the same one but at least all the girls of my school i want to new if they are cheking me out plz help so that i can be confident
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Wear something cute  smell good get one good a side that you like and tell her she is cute  and will she go out with you....
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Simple, try to talk to her. Don't try to impress her, try to find out
what she likes. Do your research. If this doesn't work try becoming a
school boy.
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Look at them pick the type that sits alone or that is new she will go for you be her friend call each other act as a friend then she will be all over you:)
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To attract girls just be your self and talk to girls become friends or try asking a girl out that you like and maybe they like you but they are hiding it. Girls hide those things very well if you have not noticed.
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Hi. I like 2 girls. One I met on face book, and one I go to school with. I've already be rejected by the one I go to school with (her name is Hope) and I barley know the one on face book (Kelsy) I am unsure of wether I should ask kelsy to go out with me because I want to be her freind, and ive never met her in person. I am unsure if I ever will. Any advise??
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Here is some advise about the two girls. Heres the advise about the girl you talked about the girl on facebook. Tell her where you live if you want to and she may come. Now heres the advise about at school.ask her out to dinner say i love u and give her a kiss at the end and if she is surprised your in romance. When you walk her to the bus or home kiss some more on the way.
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As a girl, I like the guys always hanging out with their friends, not always looking at us, that creeps me out. I have a big crush, and he rarely looks at me, its better that way, unless you're dating her, THEN if you look at her it probably won't freak her out.
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OK I am in year 6 junior and there is a girl I like so much and I don't know hot to make her like me we know each other we go to classes together and I see hear everyday at school but I really really need your help so give me answers please please

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