Me and my boyfriend are going to Thailand and he want to have lots of experiences with me out the like a couple's massage with a happy ending for us both. What questions should I ask him before I answer?


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First off, answer yourself, honestly - do you want this? If the answer is no, then tell him you do not. Not many people are very open in their sexuality and not many people overstep the boundaries of the intimate monogamy our society has accepted as the norm.

Yes, you might like it. Yes, you might NOT like it. But if it makes you insecure, fearful, etc. Then you know your answer. If you think you WOULD like this, but not right now, then tell him so. Just be open. :)

The questions you will ask are irrelevant if you haven't answered the first question here.

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I would ask him " would you like me to burn all of your  belongings now or just toss them out the window ? " but that's just me ;) good luck with that and I suggest you find someone who gives you the respect you deserve.

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If he has made an appointment with his doctor for his STD shots when you get back home.

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