I Never Get To See My Boyfriend Very Often, It's Really Hard, How Can The Relationship Still Stay Strong?


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That can be a very difficult situation, but you just need to make the best of it. It's hard to juggle school, work, family, friends and a boyfriend. He is telling you it will work and you should trust that. Make the time that you do have together really romantic/special. Try to meet him for lunch breaks. Talk on the phone when possible. Make plans for a weekend getaway, he can probably ask for a Saturday off if he gives them a couple weeks notice. Just do what you can together when you can. Ane before you know it summer break will come and you will have a lot more opportunities to see each other. If your relationship is strong, you will make it! Some people can make long distance relationships work. Just don't dwell on it and make the best of it. Good luck!
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Time is really one of the essential factor to make a relationship work. Take note! It is only ONE of the factors that make the relationship become successful. There is still Love, Trust, Loyalty, Faith among others. It is really difficult to balance work, studies, family, friends and a girlfriend but what you can do right now is to understand him, give him your full support and always make him realize that you love him and you trust him. What he's doing is for the both of you as well so don't worry. You could also do some adjustments on your schedule (if he can't make any on his) for you to have a quality time together. Just be patient! And everything will be ok... I am positive on that! That's what I did before! Good luck! (^_^)
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I am in the same situation. My boyfriend is 19 and I'm 17. He started working full time a few months ago but as a manager of a shop his hours are really antisocial and works till 9. I go to school during the week and work both saturday and sunday at the weekends also till 9 o clock. Theres just one day in the week that he gets off which I can spend with him but its not enough for me and I'm finding it really hard. I'm always happy to see him when I finish worrk and when he finishes work but he always says hes too tired and as I do not yet have a car to drive to him things can't change. I understand that hes tired but it annoys me how he'll always happily go out and see his friends after work and hes never to tired for that. Don't know what to doo either lol??
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I am going through the same problem.  My boyfriend and I are both 12 and we both go to different schools .  The only time we get to see each other is on Saturdays when I don't have anything going on with sports.  Mostly every Saturday I have something going on.   My parents don't know him and they don't know I am going out with him.  Same with his parents.  His parents know me though really well.  I am afraid to call him sometimes.  Really the only time I get to see him is when I am with my friend because she is on his bowling team.  We hang out at. Bowling and on the 4th of July and new years.  Sometimes I go with my friend to her babysitters house during the summer and he is there.  But that is like every 3 weeks though I go with her.  I love him very much and I don't know what should I do?!?!?!
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I know it is hard not to see each other very often, I am going through the same thing right now. I write to him, I email him, talk to him as much as possible on the phone to make sure he always knows that I am thinking about him and he is still on my mind. I hope things work out for you. Take care :)
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I feel your pain. My boyfriend is 17, I am 16, and his parents don't let him go out too much during the week. This whole summer, I've only hung out with him twice.
It's difficult because he says he is busy...but whenever I inquire what it is he is doing that keeps him busy we end up in a fight.
He doesn't call much, maybe once every three weeks. Doesn't come online much anymore, says he is sleeping (It's 9 pm when we usually I'm each other)
I'm questioning if he really loves me or not. :/
But hang in there, you can pull through it. He wants to see you just as much as you want to see him, I hope.
Love will crucify you even as it is an angel (:
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I know exactly what you mean... I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 15, and I go through so much rubbish at school because I'm going out with him, and yet I still try to find time to see him, and it seems like he doesnt want to make the effort. Maybe you should try talking to him? I know this seems hard and kinda pointless but if it makes you feel better maybe its for the best?
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My husband left me 4 months ago and move to another state leaving me 2000 miles apart from him . I have tried everything possible i am very sad and hurt suddenly he started to hated me it seems one sec he love me the next he hate me when ever we connect he gets really angry for no reason and in a big rush and can't breath around me and as soon as were apart he is fine he says i am very hot and it makes him uncomfortable to hold me all i know is i sleep sleep sleep when were together cant seem to
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I hav the same problem with my boyfriend.were both 12,and we can't hang out this summer except at either our friends house,or some place ive never been to called "skateland" or something like that,he said he loves me,and I think were going to different schools next year.so you its tough,I'm trying to figure out what to do in my situation!!daniel says well make it work,and its hard,but I beleive him with all my heart :) but I need help!!! ;(((

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