How To Stay Strong When Your Relationship Is Falling Apart?


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This is a tough one. My heart has been broken enough times, so hopefully I can help you out. This will sound a lot easier than it will be. The first thing you should be thinking about is that there will be someone else up ahead that you will start a relationship with. At present, I know you  feel that hurt deep inside of the loss of someone you care for. When you meet this next  companion, You will still feel some of that hurt about the relationship you have now, but this will fade over time as you and your new boyfriend get deeper involved. Yes, you will stay strong throughout this whole ordeal. Especially, if you keep in mind that who knows, maybe my next boyfriend will be the one I spend the rest of my life with. Now, wouldn't that be your current boyfriend's loss. Not yours. Good luck!
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Yea so wat if u started strong...everything remains the same, both partners are still madly in love but both are busy with school (university) and the stress that comes with it. However the only thing that seems to be changing in the relationship is that one partner doesn't like to spend as much time on the phone with the other. The phone issue is not like it used to be talking for hours upon hours...after 3 years of being together the time for a phone conversation has been reduced to 1/2 anhrdy
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I, am so hurt what can I do I feel very sad that me and my husband are calling the quits in our relationship. What can I do to not feel sad, lonely, depress?
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How you stay in a realationship thats sounds hard but when a girl really loves you stay with from when you had nothin being a bum and up thats a real girl and she put you up on your two feet from when you had nothin and you don't have to pay her back thats a real goone or girl yall peolple say get her heart and treat it good
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I would say talk to him about it. Once you both realize where you're headed, then together you will figure out how to stay strong and happy.

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