Should You Stay Away From Friends Who Stress You Out?


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Robyn Rothman answered
The people you have described are not your friends. It sounds as if you are a convenient whipping boy. Friends accept you as you are, and if a problem occurs, they talk to you face to face and try to help. You can't MAKE people like you, and if you feel you have to do that, there are no friendships there. You said it yourself when you described them as "so-called friends". Friends don't make you feel low. They should make you feel good about yourself. Good friends don't come along everyday, but you should be able to find people who will treat you better than the bunch you hang out with now. I wish you luck. Real friendship is a wonderful thing.
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Hi, luvnchris, why your friends all gang up on you and make you feel low? I think you need to build up your confidence. If you don't have enough confidence, its diffiuclt to get good friends or make your friends like you. Escape is not a solution, you can escape this time, but you will fall in the same situation next time. So be strong and confident, good luck!
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Yes they could cause you to lose your thought of concentration and go through body problems and other sorts of things
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kya bush answered
I don't think you should stay away from them but take breaks away from them.For example, stay away from them for about a week or so. Just to clear your mind.
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For me it's yes! You can go out and mingle with your friends as long as you want, but if they are causing you much stress, well it's time for you to cool down. Just think about the fact that there was nobody else can be affected and will continually suffers from stress, except you.
Give time to relax, have a spa and massage ta cheap spa days, I'm sure you will forget all of what you are handling.
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tricia Michael answered
I used to have friends like you are talking about, friends are suppose to be there for you, just like you are there for them. If your friends are not showing you the same friendship you give them it is time to find new friends. Friends are suppose to help boust your confidence and help give you self esteem. A friend is someone who knows everything about you and still loves you. You are not suppose to have to make your friends like you! You are suppose to be able to be yourself that is what is so special about having friends. If you feel you can talk to them tell them how you feel and if it doesn't get better. I would look real close at who my friends are
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In my opinion I think that if they are trubuling you then you should find new friends b/c the same to hurt you.and that they are not really friends.

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