I have to get up at 6:30 for college and I'm finding it really difficult, especially as it's still dark when I leave the house. I hate waking up, even though I like my college and seeing my friends, etc. How can I make my mornings easier?


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I once had the opportunity to talk to a world champion cyclist and the question I asked was, "What's the hardest thing about training?" He replied, "Getting out of bed." He said that once he was up and threw cold water in his face he was OK. He'd get on his bike and GO!

That's the key. Make it a habit. No trying to squeeze an extra 5 minutes' sleep, leap out at the first sound of your alarm and get under the shower. You'll soon get the idea.

Otherwise, may I recommend that you take yourself down to the local blood transfusion service and request a litre of geezer blood. Young people sleep well, geezers do not. Get some of that old blood in your veins and you'll be up early with the rest of us. :)

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Best thing to do is go to bed at a decent hour. Currently I have no trouble getting up in the mornings, I was never one to hit snooze....that being said, try putting your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to shut it off!

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I've been in the same job for more than a decade and I have over an hour drive to work which will soon be probably longer. Also I have to go to the gym in the am cos I know I won't in the evening . I've had to wake up before 7 ( gym days 5am :/ ) for that long and it still sucks and I still hate it cos I'm not a morning person. But I was once told suck it up butter cup .. So suck it up butter cup :p I mean that in a respectful  way  though cos I know the pain of not being a morning person  :)

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When I was in college, back in the dark ages, we got to make up our own schedule. I am a night owl myself and just didn't sign up for any classes that started before 9 am, and even that was a struggle. I would have started later if I could have, but they didn't offer afternoon classes, and I worked nights. Can't you sign up for later classes and get an extra 1-1.5 hour(s) sleep?

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As others have mentioned, motivation is the key.

There were some nights when my daughter was still a baby where I'd get less than 3 hours sleep, and still have to wake up early for work.

Coffee helps, but you really need to have a good reason to put yourself through such discomfort.

As for routines that might help, forcing yourself to have an early night is a good idea. Even though you might not feel tired at all, it's kind of like trying to condition your body into recognizing that this is going to be the routine from now on. It may take a few weeks, but eventually you'll start adapting.

I also find that aiming to be up even earlier than I need to be helps a lot. Like if I'm catching an early flight from the airport, I'm always up a few hours beforehand preparing stuff.

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Get plenty of sleep, sleep early.  Then make your early mornings enjoyable.  Wake up with a happy thought and your bright future, listen to your favorite music, make yourself a cup of coffee before heading out to school.

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