Is It Bad To Love Someone More Than You Love Yourself?


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Many ways to make this easy or difficult for a conversation. As long as you are happy with yourself first to some point where there is some way to claim a way of verification that's enough as " healthy " then loving the other person more is just fine and go ahead and knock yourself out if they are that great. If the person doesn't like themself or that much and wants to substitute any of that part toward another person and just focus it all or add that part to the other person well.... You answer your question from here, it is self explanatory in an unspoken way.
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Don't worry as long as your happy with that person and your happy with yourself you'll be fine and wont have any worries at all with that person or yourself
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It can never be a wrong to love someone else more than yourself..... It has to be something that you should be proud of.
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