Okay this is really weird.. Im 14 and i really want to have a baby with my bf, it feels right and it would actually give me something to live for and be proud of.. Is this just a phase im going thru or what?


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This is infatuation and a dream at best. He will leave you stuck with a child once you become pregnant and want nothing more to do with you at all then you become ready made family material and wont find another guy so not worth it and how would you expect to raise it as you can't always count on your parents so you could be doing this all alone. Let this go for about another 10 years and youll be better off
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If you think you can handle it. The physical pain, the stress, mental exhaustion. Then the financial burden. And thats if you even survive giving birth. If you think you can handle all that then go ahead, but you should want success more than a child. Unless you want your kid to be miserable. But again its your call
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Don't honey.its just a phase.your fourteen,sorry to break it to you but the chances are more likley that he wont be your forever.and go to college,have fun with friends,date and party.don't raise another kid when your not fully raised or developed and still have a lot to learn yourself.do more with your life.and even though he might say he wants a baby..or maybe not it could drive him away and you would be stuck with the responsibly.is a mom all you honestly want to do with your life?think about it hard hun..
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Also,your other questions are saying you are a virgin and the fact that you might get a bf in high school...doesnt sound at all like you dont have a bf or are a virgin in this question..
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Ummm.I would have to say.if you had a plan set out and everything it would be fine. I mean if you parents were to allow it.haha.just be ready for everything.I think it'd be best get a job first.but you ronly 14 so I think it would be awesome if you waited just for a little bit longer.but you know.its all up to you.good luck. :) haha.
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Ugh, don't have a kid....do you have a job? Can you go to school and take care of a baby? Um...no most teen that are pregnant drop out of school...so my advice would be to ....use a condom...or get a dog...and I don't know,..pretend its your baby...and if you can't handle the dog then you probably can't handle a baby...think of it as a test..
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Its weird and wrong if you have a baby now your life is over no more high school no collage and you wil be with that kid the rest of your life and how do you think your kid  will feel having to say my mommy had me at 14 out of wedlock
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I think you shouldn't have a baby at this age! Girls get these kind of feelings at this age but having these feelings doesn't mean you can just follow them with your eyes closed! And about your bf , forget him he'll leave you as soon as he is done with you! And it would be you who'll be carrying so much burden, trouble, stress on your mind about all that will happen! And this is not your age for a child, you should enjoy, have an aim, study and prepare for you future, don't spoil your life in getting into all this!

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Yes because all boys are not so nice and forget the boys, this is not the age of having a child! As much as I know you haven't even finished your education and so how can you take such a big step! I don't know what has happened to the girls of now a days! They just take actions on their feelings so fast!
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Yep good thinking!
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Thank you very much! But actually that should be a common thinking because how can you think of taking such a big step! You know sometimes even I have these kind of feelings but then I can't take an action towards them, they are just the projections of our age! And you know Alesha Hunter, the only fun, enjoyment and pleasure of having a baby can only be enjoyed if you're an adult! Because then you have a husband, a family, a home and all that you want and the most important the whole education! So just avoid these feelings and enjoy life!
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I have to agree with the other comments, Live your youth, Children is a life long huge commitment, And don't forget, your still a child yourself, Wait until adulthood to be a parent

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