What Is Sex?


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Sex is a term that usually relates to the insertion of the male penis into a female's vagina. The main reasons for having sex are (in no specific order):

A) to reproduce
b) for pleasure

The Biology of sex Sex, in the biological sense, is the act of procreating known as 'sexual reproduction'. In humans, it involves something called 'intercourse' or 'coitus'.

This is when the male inserts his erect penis into the vagina of a female. The sexual organs are then stimulated, ultimately resulting in the ejaculation of semen by the male.

This semen contains sperm cells that travel from the vaginal vault and down through the fallopian tubes. A sperm cell's ultimate goal is to fertilize an egg or ovum in the female, resulting in the forming of an embryo. This process is how all human life begins.

Sex for pleasure There is a significant amount of sex that takes place, but which doesn't have procreation as its chief objective. One can only assume that the principal reason for this type of sex is therefore pleasure.

Sex can indeed be one of the most pleasurable experiences you're likely to experience, and wanting to have sex is as natural an urge as getting hungry. It's the way we direct and express those natural urges that make sex and sexuality a complex subject.

The main thing to consider when you decide to explore sex is the repercussions that sexual activity can have. Sex can be a very personal and intimate way of bonding with another human being - which immediately implies all sorts of emotional, social and even religious aspects to sex that you should be aware of.

In addition, having sex can lead to both health problems and unplanned pregnancy if the correct precautions are not taken.

To ensure that your sexual encounters are as mind-blowingly pleasurable as you'd like them to be, it'd be wise to learn a bit more about the risks involved beforehand.
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Sex is the act of physical intercourse which is traditionally used to make offspring. Traditionally intercourse is something that a husband and wife do to make a baby. However, sex is a potentially highly pleasurable experience that is often used recreational. Within orthodox circles, intercourse occurs between heterosexual couples (one man and one woman).

However, there is a greater tolerance in most countries of the world towards homosexuality (two men or two women).

The age of consent in Great Britain for heterosexuals and homosexuals is 16, however it is 17 in Northern Ireland. In the United States, the age of consent is 18, and intercourse before that is called statutory rape, meaning legally it is rape and the older party can be convicted as an offender.

In more liberal countries, the age of consent is lower, however these countries have had significant problems with child abuse.

Sex also refers to the gender of a human or animal which is either male or female.
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Sex is when...well it's complicated but if it's "right" a man passes on his sperm to the female and one of the females eggs sometimes takes in the sperm to create a human being. That's the basic meaning of what it is...
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Sex is a sensation
When a boy puts his location
In a girls destination
To make the next generation
Is that a good explanation
Or do you need a demonstration?
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Something that everyone knows. And that people take it the wrong way. People think sex as "oh it's sexy it's powerful" and the things people say about it is wrong.

The real definition for sex is when 2 people love each other and want to make a beautiful family. Not all the other gross stuff you guys write down. It's love. Not the gross stuff just plain simple love...
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Sex is when a male and female love each other very much and want to express it by them kissing and taking off clothes but sex is different for everyone so there is no wrong or right - but the point is that it is a thing you should do when you're in love ( really).
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Sex is beautiful,must have a great eye contact with partner.
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Sex is the act of intercourse. It is when a male penetrates a women or the same sex with an erected arousal.
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Is when a man and woman get in bed and take their clothes off and kiss each other. Sometimes you can have a baby but it depends if it is right or not.
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It's when a girl plays with boys' stuff and boys play with girls' stuff and they like ride each other and stuff. There is many different ways and it's all good. Unless you mess up.

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