Can A Woman Live Without Marriage?


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A woman can certainly 'live' without marriage, although I have a feeling you are more interested in knowing about whether a woman can be happy without marriage.

In my opinion, it really depends on the feelings, background, situation and cultural heritage of the woman in question.

Is life complete without marriage?

There's no doubt that marriage is an important part of our lives. One thing that distinguishes humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is the ability to not only be with just one partner, but to love that person more than anyone else in the world.
Marriage is often seen as expression of that sentiment.

On the other hand, there is nothing to say that a woman can't lead a happy and fulfilling life without necessarily getting married, especially with modern views on relationships.

Below, I'll try and explain both sides of the argument.

Can a woman remain unmarried and still be happy in life?

Now here is the yes part. Yes, a woman can live without being married throughout her entire life. In some cases there are woman who are completely happy without marriage in their lives. They may never get married for a number of reasons, be it because of their lifestyle, job, or maybe even past family or personal history.

No matter what the case may be, a woman can easily find happiness without marriage.

As far as having meaningful relationships with the opposite sex outside marriage goes - this really depends on the culture and background of the woman in question.

Certain cultures and religions look down (or even forbid) people from having relations with the opposite sex outside of wedlock.

In an environment like that, I'd suggest it'd be a lot harder (although not impossible) to be happy without marriage.

Happiness outside marriage

Now for the No part. I feel a woman may not be able to live without marriage because the bond shared with a spouse can never be replicated. When you share something as strong as marriage with someone, that brings a new element to your life that you can't get anywhere else.

Although it may seem like 'just a piece of paper' to some, my view is that being married serves to show that you truly love someone and would do anything for them.
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Yes, women can live without marriage.

If she will get married then she will face many problems. Of course, by marriage she will get happiness, but it will possible only in some cases.

In other cases she won't be happy - so I believe a woman can live without marriage."LOVE'N'MARRIAGE" are used to trash people.
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The very best life you can live is inside a good marriage, where both care and love each other. You have a witness to your Life, you have double the friends, interests, and family.

But. The second very best life you can live is Single. It is not a bad marriage or a bad relationship, it is not as a divorcee.

If you love others AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF why you'll be fine. Marriage is indeed an arrangement favouring Mankind, not Womankind.
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Yes but it makes them lonely
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Yes, but she'll lead a very lonely life constantly wondering what if. Questioning her life along the way.
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It totally depends on the depends on her preference. I know some women who have never gotten married and are perfectly happy with their life. Marriage isn't for everyone.
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Yes, I think they can - if they have loving family, and friends to support them. It's a calling from God to be married or single. Pray to know your vocation.
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I can live without marriage but I miss being married. He was the best friend I'll ever have and I can't go back to "dating" - it would have to be better than what I had to make me want to get married.

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