What's The Youngest You Can Be To Get Married?


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Well it really just depends on what state you live in as to what age you don't need your parents to sign for you to get married ..Some states your parents have to sign untill you are 18.if you r 21 or  older you can get married.
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The legal age to get married all around the world for men is 21 years of age and for women is 18 years of age. When a man gets passed the legal age, he or she is eligible to get married to someone who has passed the legal age as well. If a person gets married before the legal age, that marriage is considered to be null and void. A strict legal action can also be taken against the person such as prison term or a heavy penalty. A person is supposed to be a minor if he or she has not passed the legal age.

In most countries people allow child marriage which means that the girl and the boy are just around eight to nine years old and they are married off by their parents. This is considered to be an immoral and unethical practice and the parents responsible can suffer a severe prison term.
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In Nevada a 16-year old can get married with parental permission. Other states vary.

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