What Marriage Means For A Woman?


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I remember a sentence "A woman  can live without marriage ,but she can not live without love ."
But you know the marriage is a good end of love.When a man falls in love with  a  woman ,he wants to marry her and take her everything .And a woman who once loves a man would like live with him happily . So the marriage  is a perfect way to connect a woman and a man .However ,someone thinks the marriaga is the grave of love.They have lots of reasons .The most important reason is that the marriage can not live with  fading life .Maybe love is so romantic and hearty thing ,but the fading life is not . So we think the marriage should including friendship between every couples .Because friendship means respect and mercy .Marriage needs respect and mercy .
  I am a woman . I know what  marriage means to me .When I see that my husband looks me into his black eyes ,when I watch my husband and my son play together happily , when I sit on the sofa after dinner comfortabely ,my husband wash my warmcoat instead of me in the bathrooom, when I husband hold me tight in the midnight. I am sure I know the significance of the marriage  to me .
So I can conclude a sentence " A woman can not live without marriage , and a greedy woman can not live without love .
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