What Does Mrs Mean?


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The word "Mrs." is a title that is used when addressing married or widowed women. The word is derived from the word "Mistress" and is pronounced as "misiz". "Mrs" is not used individually but rather added to the last name of the woman in question as a courtesy. In traditional usage it was added to the name of the husband of the woman or her married last name. Thus Mr. John Doe's wife would be referred to as Mrs. John Doe or Mrs. Doe. It was also used in front of the first name of the woman and her married surname. For example Miss. Joan Williams after marrying Mr. James Andrew would be addressed as Mrs. James Andrew or Mrs. Joan Andrews.

The title of an unmarried woman is Miss and not Mrs. Men have any distinction when it comes to the title "Mr" with relation to their being married or not.
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Married women are addressed as mrs John Doe
Widowed women are addressed as Mrs. Mary Doe how
soon after death of the husband on envelopes for mail?

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