How To Seduce Your Crush?


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If you wish to play the game of seduction make sure that it is done in a classy and appealing manner. Intoxicating the person who you like and then trying to seduce them is just plain cheap. If you are trying to seduce your crush the first step is to get them to see you as being more desirable; something more than what your present relationship puts you forward as. Make sure what you're present stand is and that it is the right time to take this step. This will ensure that there will be no room for any miscommunication. First impressions count so try to look appealing. Set the tone for your few hours together. If it's a dinner that you've cooked, dim the lights or maybe add some candles. If it's a more simple kind of date make sure it's closer to the sea than on a bench on the side of a busy road.

Next, find out what your crush likes and try to do those things with them. Making them feel as though you've gone the extra mile to find out about their likes and dislikes will definitely impress them. Pay attention to all the little details, it'll give you clues about whether your crush is enjoying him/herself or not. One of the most common mistakes that people make is coming on too strong. If you do so, you might try to scare your love interest away.
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No one can answer you this question, because there is no such thing as seduction.

If you saw a man conquering a woman, how do you know she wasn't attracted to him before he opened his mouth?

It's just a myth. No scientific research has ever confirmed that people are able to "create" sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is programmed in our brain. It depends on genes. quotes numerous studies that brought results expressly contradicting the very concept of seduction.

To sum it up: Seduction is just like black magic - a lot of people believe in it, there is plenty of reference regarding it in our culture, there is a lot of people saying they witnessed it.... But no research has ever confirmed the existence of such happening.

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