How To Seduce My Maid?


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Seducing your maid is pretty risky territory.

Unless you know what you're getting into, I'd recommend you just let your maid get on with her work without making sexual advances to her.

How to seduce a maid in 5 simple steps If you remain undeterred by my warning, here are five pretty straightforward steps to sexually seducing your maid:

1. Gauge her interest- Before you start your smooth moves, take a second to consider whether she's giving off any signs of being interested. There's no point in proceeding if you don't genuinely think she'll welcome your attention.

2. Break down the barriers- Even if your maid fantasizes about being with you every night, she might not act upon these feelings unless she feels comfortable doing so. Simply acting in a friendly and approachable manner will go some way to helping that to happen.

3. Spend more time together- Try and engineer situations in which you spend more time with your maid. Whether that means simply being around the house while she's working, or whether it involves actually asking her out for a coffee depends on how quickly you want to take things.

4. 'Accidentally' create sexually-heated situations- One way you might want to help the seduction process along is to create situations where sexual tension and chemistry are high.

Walking around the house naked might be a bit too forward (and embarrassing for both parties), but sunbathing in your shorts on the balcony is an example of how you can ramp up the temperature.

5. Speak to her about the way you feel- If you've tried all of the above and you still feel like you're getting nowhere, you may want to consider just being honest. Tell her how you feel, and see whether she reciprocates your feelings.

If she doesn't feel the same way about you, then things might get extremely awkward, but at least you'll know where you stand!

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If you have to ask this question then you're way too young to be worrying about this in the first place.

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