How Do I Seduce My Step-Sister?


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If you're really interested in seducing your step-sister, I'd recommend simply treating her like any other woman you're trying to woo.

Act nicely to her, try and show off your positive attributes, and hopefully she won't be able to resist your charm.

However, before you start seducing your stepsister, you may want to consider the implications that such a relationship could have on your family life.

Seducing your step-sister
Although there's technically nothing wrong with having feelings for your step-sister (it's not as if you're related, right?), the fall-out from this kind of relationship could lead to some serious awkwardness.

Relationships have a habit of not working out. With a regular girlfriend, you can part ways and not have to see each other again - no matter how acrimonious your split. A relationship with a step-sister isn't quite so simple.

If you're dating your step-sister and things don't work out, things could get really complicated. If you live together - you'd struggle to avoid her. And even if you live separately, you'd still have to see each other at events like family barbecues.

In addition, any bad feelings between you could add strain to your parents' relationship.

How to seduce your step sister
If you've read the warning above, and are still convinced that there's nothing you'd like more than to shack up with your step-sister, here are some ideas for getting your relationship going:

  • Firstly, try and test the waters by flirting with her. See if she responds to your attention by flirting back.
  • Gradually spend more and more time together. The closer you get as friends, the more likely she is to see you in a positive light.
  • Go for drinks together. Nothing loosens inhibitions better than alcohol, and even though she might find you physically-attractive, there are likely to be some inhibitions involved in this relationship.
  • Tell her how you feel. If you're confident she's got the hots for you too, simply come clean and tell her how you feel. She might be nervous about making the first step, so talking can help break down those boundaries.

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