I'm 18 And My 16 Years Old Stepsister Likes Me What Do I Do?


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I resent nomad1's answer. There was no mention of any "adult" things in that question and I assume that adult themes were assumed purely because the person asking the question was 18. I agree with the advice that the stepsister should probably be avoided and obviously sex would be illegal however. I'd say the best remedy is to talk to her and be sensitive to her feelings but firmly let her know you're not a dating option. Just because we're 18 doesn't mean we're constantly thinking about sex and I'm sure sellaroo12 wasn't considering that with his 16 year old stepsister. Be less sensitive nomad1.
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If your talking about what I think your talking about then you should stay away from her and tell her it is wrong fro you to be involved with each other. Otherwise you will be going to prison because you are considered to be a adult and she is not. Now that I have said this . This site is not for answering adult questions according to some blurters and this question should be removed or on a site for adult discussions and questions. So I suggest you talk to a counselor or your parents.
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Well she's 16. Some states 16 is old enough for consent. Some states is 17 but it's nasty she's your stepsister you aren't blood related but damn she's being type I don't even want to say no good but that's up to you.
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I think you should sit her down and be very serious with her. Explain that you two are related and you are not interested in her in that way. Tell her she is your little sister and friend, but nothing more. She may just be telling you she likes you to see what you will say. She is probably just trying to pick on you, and see how far she can take it. At 16 she should know better than to hit on her step brother. I think she is just trying to get a reaction out of you, and when you start to tell her "no way.." and explain, she will say "I was just kidding, ewww!" Know what I mean? I wouldn't be to worried about it, but make sure to be clear with her that it is not going to happen.
PS- nomad1- I don't know what question you were reading, but I did not see any "adult subject matter" in that question.
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Why the double post. With less info in one? The question would be whether or not you liked her as well before your parents were married. It would be a bit odd and seen as immoral by others. You would have to be willing to deal with the hardships of essentially being with your "sister" even though you were not related by blood that would be overlooked by those who seek to make your life miserable.
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It may not be illegal. It depends on your state and what you do. But it may be seen as immoral. The age diffrence isn't that much to worry about.

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