Ok so my mom sometimes calls me a bitch or saying your acting like a bitch and it hurts my feelings and I cry and I'm only 12 years old what should I do about it?


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What you tolerate will never change. Don't tolerate. Walk away if you can. She has a problem and as long as you stay in the room and allow her to dump on you, she will belittle you down to low self esteeme. You can not change her no matter how much you wish it because she is taking her frustration out on you. Currently your words have no effect. You are her target and dumping ground of her frustration that is why she starts all the fights. Heck, you can even look at her and she thinks you are starting something. My advice is to stay away from her, in your room as much as you can, find someplace to go, and when she wants to argue, stay silent no matter how much you want to tell her off. She can not fight someone who is not willing to fight back. Tell her you don't want to hear it as you are leaving. Speak against her words in your mind. She calls you a name, tell yourself you are not what she is saying. The key to  your survival is to write down all your positive points after a match of her belittling you.
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That's awful, I am sorry your mother says that to you. She needs to know how it makes you feel and that it is not ok to call you that. Ask her how she would feel if her mother called her that and if she says my mom did call me that then say well mom how did it make you feel. Maybe you could talk to her about coming up with another way of expressing her anger towards you. Name calling is so hurtful. Hang in there
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I use to have this same problem, my mom just recently stopped doing it & I'm 16 but I don't cry about it anymore. Every since I called her a bitch I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO CALL YOUR MOM A "BITCH" so please do nott!!! That wouldnt be a wise decision cause mine was accidently. But talk to her & tell her "mom your hurting my feelings" or ask her why she calls you that. She certainly has no right to call you that! Try talking to her about that! That is verbal abuse!
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I know how your feeling trust me. When this happens to me a stand there and not listen, cause even though it hurts she she will always say it. Brush off what she says but make sure you look like your listening or the worst can happen. Its hurts hun but obviously your better then her so don't listen her. You deserve better, maybe you can talk to child services. Don't lash out her, but don't take it wither, if you want you can have a mother daughter talk to talk if you want, full support~!
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Completley ignore her. Thats what I do. I just imagine her falling and breaking her leg then I go in my room and laught at it. Sometimes I call her a bitch back but not to her face. And say no when she asks if you ever think shes a bitch. Trust me.
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Words can be hurtful but I think that you should talk to your mom about this also.  I really don't agree with her calling you names like this and it's not okay... But in the end you will be okay.  You need to talk to her about this or seek some outside help to someone that you trust.
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You need to talk to your mom about how that makes you feel when she does that. If it's too hard to talk to her about it then write her a letter explaining everything. It's not okay for her to keep hurting you like that. She may not even realize she's doing that and once you tell her I think it will help your relationship with her get stronger.
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My mom is the same way and wen I moved out she regretted it you can't change the way they are and how they act but you know your nt one try 2 ignore here even tho sometimes its hard
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Your mother is being abusive. Try telling her how she makes you feel. If that doesnt work use the same bad language with her as she uses with you. Mabe a taste of her own medicine will wake her up to being a good human being.
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Let your mom know that what she says can influence how your life turn out in the near future but much depends on you.
Identify what you do to arouse your mum for her to say these stuff to you.
And try as much as possible to avoid them....
NOTE: Your life is in your hands and only you have the power to make things happen in your life. Shape your future with the right choices and friends.
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Wait until your mom is in a good mood and when the time is right tell your mom how that making you feel. But before you that go to God and ask him to work on your mom and ask him what you should say to your mom. I will be keeping you in my Prayers
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What ever you do , don't follow below advice , if you scold her , she might slap you, just tell her how you feel and try not to irritate her , and try to avoid her when is angry, or don't even care what she is scolding , you imagine she is talking to her selves , may be you may feel entertained that .
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Why no one thinks about her mother's feeling ? Often mothers tolerated bad behavior of children but finally they feel their daughter don't listen with her mother and they are very very impolite and aggressive as far as they could hurt to her mother ! They get really mad and they start saying these things while they don't want to say and they hurt more than daughters !
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Ok if you are like a bitch stop it and if you are not tell your mom to stop call you like that

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