What do I do if my mom says she hates me? ( im 15 years old )


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She doesn't hate you. She may be under a lot of stress at the moment and parents are only human. Never the less that doesn't make it any easier for you. Try to understand that she doesn't hate you and we all say things we don't mean and wish we could take back, parents are no exception.
Try talking to her about how it affected you when you are both in a good mood. Approach her in a gentle non accusation-al way, say 'when you said ______, it made me feel ______,' Don't bring the it up during a heated argument though or when there is tension between the two of you as it could lead to further arguments. Hope I helped!
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Parents who are under a lot of stress usually say things that they really don't mean to and later regret so you may have to just forgive her. Parenting doesnt come with a manual or instructions so theres a lot of room for mistakes and all of us parents do make mistakes and somehow take it out of those closest to us like our mates and kids unfortunately. I'm sure your Mom regrets telling you this and will apologize later for this so cut her some slack here and someday you will fully understand all this
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Your mother definitely has some serious problems. How can one not love their children? You should seek some help. Find an adult you can trust and tell. Maybe you can get help this way. Remember that this is Not normal.
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Don't really let it get to you because no woman will carry a baby for 7 or 9 months and say she hates you.shes probably just under a lot of stress.give her time

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