What Are Family Problems Faced By The Filipino Family?


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  • Problems faced by Filipino Families
There are some serious problems that American Filipino families are experiencing while living in the US. Many of the problems originate from a difference in cultures. The parents and grandparents of Filipino families were raised to have one set of cultural norms and beliefs but their children that are being raised in America have a different set of beliefs and it can be difficult to set rules and structure when the family has such different ideas on how life should be lived. Customs and traditions can be very different between different cultures and it can be hard to find rules that both generations agree on.

  • Communication
It is very important that communication is maintained with any family that may be experiencing problems. By communicating any problems and talking through any issues, it is easier to deal with them. It has been suggested that Filipino parents do not get so involved in their children's lives that their children are bound to do whatever they wish and will not be talking to their parents about what is going on in their lives. It is important for parents to know what is going on in the life of their child so they realize when there is a problem.

  • Gender roles
One issue that can cause problems in Filipino families is the fact that there are different gender roles between the Filipinos and the Americans. People who are born and bred in America will believe that genders should be equal and women should not have to do all the cooking and cleaning and look after the family while the man of the family goes to work. Filipino families may have a more traditional outlook on gender roles and this can cause conflict with their children who wish to lead more liberated lives.
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Usually filipino family today are facing a very crucial problem...the matter of cultural diversity is the top most.children are more apt to the influences of a more modern,rebellious type of lifestyle thus this changes are never been in the nerve of our oldies who believed that we filipinos must live in the cultural heritage of long time ago.This incident bring us mis communication and mis understanding.

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