What Is Filipino Family Values Today?


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Today, Filipino family values may be tied to the Catholic faith that is practiced by so many mothers, fathers and children in this Southeast Asia archipelago island. For many Catholics, large families are the norm, and this is the result of Catholic beliefs that ban the use of birth control.

In large Filipino families, a patriarchal structure that gives the father of the family the power to make most family decisions may be in place. In many Catholic families, the man of the house is still the central decision-making person; the Bible asks the wife to "cleave unto" her husband, and many Filipino women do believe that the man is to be obeyed most of the time.

However, more modern Filipino family values also exist, and people of other faiths (or Atheists) may use birth control, while also sharing equality between man and wife in the family home.

More Information About Filipino Family Values

• Religion

In general, the Philippines family unit is traditional, and traditions are based on religious beliefs. For example, most Filipino families are pro-life, and may not approve of any conduct that goes against their Catholic faith. Religious instruction and church attendance may be part of family rituals, along with special occasions that are based on events in the religious calendar.

  • Morals
Strict morals may characterize the rules in a Filipino family - swearing, smoking and drinking will be frowned upon, and children will be punished for any conduct that is not in keeping with typical religious morality.

  • Care Of Elders
In keeping with moral values and religious beliefs, the care of elderly family members may be performed by younger family members. Large homes and families may be multi-generational; they will have children, grandparents and different generations living under one roof.

The Filipino family is tightly-knit, and is operates according to principles that some might consider old-fashioned. However, this type of family unit provides its members with plenty of emotional and moral support.

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