Hey am I going to change next year?  I'm almost 19 years old (male) .. I'm too short at about 5'4 (70kg's) .. I don't have facial hair like friends my age only some light color.Have oily skin and breakouts ( I think its from hormonal changes). My penis is only 15-16cm . I think I'm a late bloomer and haven't finished puberty at all .. I like doing gym & I have been smoking weed for almost 3 years. So am I going to change next years ??


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Darling Divaa answered

Most studies say that males fully develop everywhere by the age of 20. So unless you have a huge growth spurt within the next year you're going to have to accept yourself as you are.

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Ray Dart answered

I grew 2 inches in height between the ages of eighteen and twenty, but that was from 6' to 6'2". If you are worried about other sizes around your anatomy you might choose to quit the grass.

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