How Do You Seduce Your Man? Be Specific In Steps.


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Obviously, you don`t need a license to seduce a man, however a moderate amount of licentiousness, coupled with a flair to strike the most primal of his chords would take you a long way with a man. The object of the game is to make him want more while remaining aloof yourself. Give him a taste of what you can offer and then hold back, you just have to time yourself right. You can follow in the following order, depending on what works for you :-

1) If you are alone with him you can try showing him something like for example, your family album and sit real close and do it in a way that surprises him.

2) Whisper something softly in his ear and breathe around his neck.

3) Hold back, now wait for him to make a move and proceed slowly.

4) remember that the element of surprise is your best friend, keep him guessing never letting him fully figure out your intentions.
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Great dinner - sexy lingerie - slow music - candles lit - nuru massage him (look it up too graphic for here) and voila seduction guaranteed
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Go buy some lingerie then make sure the door is open as you try the pieces on...  Make sure you run your hands all up and down your curves, even wear some high heels and look at all the angles in the mirror.  If he asks you why just say, sometimes a girl likes to dress up and admire the view.  He'll be salivating at the mirror before you know it.

Or let him catch you looking through dirty magazines, will not only make his eyes go all wide in surprise but he'll wonder just what dirty thoughts it has YOU thinking about...

Make a list of all the different sex ideas you love best, those you want to try and those you curious about.  Make sure to leave it somewhere he can "find" it on accident...

Get a movie that has a few naughty sex scenes in it , something risky to get him thinking along those lines, even helps if you eating something a little seductive off the bat like a snack of strawberries with whip cream (lick the cream off at the naughty parts in the film just for nice effect).  He'll be literally eating out of your hand in no time...

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